Judge: – Miss Helen Wall (Goldwyn)  

Dog Critique 

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club held a breed championship show at The Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire.  I was very honoured to have been asked by the committee and members to judge this special platinum show held on Saturday the 12th November 2016. The Committee worked very hard making this a fantastic and memorable day, so for this I thank them.  I would like to extend my thanks to my stewards Frank Reader and Peter Rhodes who kept the ring running smoothly and supported me through-out the day. I would also like thank each and every exhibitor for entering under me and for taking my decisions sportingly. My Best Dog (CC Winner) was CH Manark Murphys Law, Res Best Dog (Res CC Winner) was CH Jazz De Power Breton and my Best Puppy Dog Winner was Dazmarnic Know Wot I Mean. 


Veteran Dog: – 26 Ent, 16 Abs 

1st Peacock’s Dringshaw Stoner – Red Fawn & White, Thank you to the owners for letting me judge this handsome lad again, I judged this dog some 6yrs ago and boy I wasn’t disappointed then and now.  He has a lovely breed type head, neat rose ears that set of his alert expression, correct mouth and bite, short neck tapering onto well placed shoulders.  A Straight front with good width, short in coupling to a good back end.  Superbly handled and moved well for his owner.  Well done. 

2nd Carson’s Rapstaff Rock and Roller at Bultery – B/BR with white chest, this nearly 8yrs old dog has a nice clean head and not overdone, dark round eyes. Straight in front with well boned legs. Enough rib and top line good, backend sound with hocks let down.  Moved and handled ok. 

3rd Price’s Little Beau Geste 


Minor Puppy Dog: – 5 Ent, 1 Abs 


1st Jordan’s Dazmarnic Know Wot I Mean – A Top quality red puppy with promise that took my eye straight away in this class. A balanced head piece with nice dark eyes, ample stop & neat ears. Clean tight lips with plenty of underjaw and correct mouth.  Good shoulders & a straight front, he has enough bone & was up on his pasterns with well-padded feet. Nice amount of rib for a youngster, top line level that he held at all times, hindquarters developing nicely with a good bend of stifle. He did however get the better of his lady owner but was moved enough around the ring to assess his movement, BPD & BPIS


2nd Southhall’s Beckash Up N’ Atem – Another smart youngster, a black boy with a lovely head shape & keen expression, dark round eyes. Ears set a little higher than the first placing. Nice shapely body as you would want for his age, rib coming along well too, nice length of body with a good top line. Backend & rear angulation also good. In lovely condition & moved and handled well.

3rd Carson’s Bethalees’s Khal Drogo 


Puppy Dog: – 10 Ent, 1 Abs 


1st Rehouma & Desmazes Men in Black of Zynajoy – Black with white chest, a very tidy youngster, and his balance won him this class, lovely head proportions with eye and ear placement correct, nice straight front with enough width. Short coupled with ample rib for his age, back end ok with correct angulation and enough width to balance out this youngster.  

2nd Allsopp’s Rubericla Trailbreaker – Another puppy showing much promise, clean head, correct eye and ear placement, good bite, sound neck and shoulders, Good front, clean top line, nicely bodied for age, nice turn of stifle, moved well both ways. 

3rd Marshallsay’s Fergustaff Jack Frost 


Junior Dog:-20 Ent, 5 Abs 


1st Higham’s Callastaff Lakeland Lad – A standard boy with a beautiful head, strong & clean giving off that typical Stafford expression, dark eyes & ears nicely set, good mouth, nice short clean muzzle with a good under jaw. Body shaping up nice showing a pleasing outline. Shoulders well laid back, with a clean front and good bone. Body compacted with nice amount of rib, top line good which he kept level on the move. Rear hindquarters good with a bend of stifle & hocks well let down, held a correct tail carriage.  

2nd Moureu & Larrang’s Lord Largo Pineapple Du Clan Molotov –Nice Standard Red & White, with a good clean head and width of muzzle, dark round eye and correct dentition. Stood foresquare with ample bone, good spring of rib, couplings short. Stifle bent how it should be, carrying a correct tail set.  Move ok 

3rd Turner’s Quatros Ironclad Buddy 


Yearling Dog:-10 Ent, 2 Abs 


1st Kaestner’s Bullrichs Don’t Stop Me – Nicely proportioned head shape deep through, with dark round eyes, neat rose ears, creating a typical expression. Body of enough substance with pleasing rib and top line. Powerful backend which allowed him to move around the ring with ease. A real showman the handler gets best out of him. 


2nd Winwood’s Nerotoro Dark Element – Black with a clean Balanced head, lovely dark eye, good ears, clean bite, sound neck and well-placed shoulders, straight well boned front, top line level when moved, good depth of body, well sprung ribs, muscular quarters, moved well. 


3rd Lewis’s Biggleswick Splash of Ginge 

Maiden Dog:-11 Ent, 6 Abs 


1st Zalis’s Glimmer Man Domidar Dogs – Nice size black dog. With good head and expression, dark eyes and good length of muzzle. Wide front, up on pasterns, nice amount of bone with neat feet. Good spring of rib with nice tuck up. Well angulated rear. Moved and handled very well. 


2nd Ogleby & Goosey’s Dejablues Destinys Prince – Clean balanced head but not strength of first, eyes dark and correctly set, front straight displaying enough bone, correct top line, good tuck up, good rear angulation with well let down hocks. 

3rd Darby’s Manark Guns N Roses 


Novice Dog:-9 Ent, 4 Abs 


1st Ogleby & Goosey’s Dejablues Destinys Prince – As above was placed vhc in a strong class of juinors and 2nd in Maiden. 

2nd Martinez’s Bullbrothers Fifth Element – Black brindle & white, Head of good type, correct eye and ear placement, teeth & bite good, clean neck and shoulder, front with ample strength and depth, sound top line & hindquarters, moved ok 

3rd Smith’s Ramblestaff Racketeer 


Post Graduate Dog:-30 Ent, 12 Abs 

1st Mayren’s Bellarouge Adonis at Fergiestaffs JW – R/W a dog that I have watched with interest and wasn’t disappointed when going over him. He has a nicely balanced punishing head of correct proportions, dark eye, neat ears, and correct muzzle ratio with good underjaw presenting a keen expression. Straight well boned front leading into a short coupled frame with nice tuck up. Powerful back end with good width and angulation which he use when moving with drive and ease which won him this class, well done. 
2nd Clark’s Rowellstaff Ooh Aar Cantona – Red with white chest, Very good breed type head with lovely expression. Straight front with good width and depth of brisket. Ample substance short coupled, nice tuck up with correct angulation on his back end. The more I looked at this chap the more he grew on me, handled well. 

3rd Jack’s Sikaistaff the Beast 


Limit Dog:-20 Ent, 7 Abs 

1st Davies Ginstean Man of God at Cwn Hardd – A class with great quality dogs being presented.  Which I ended up nit picking though my placings. This upstanding b/w dog with a stunning head & keen expression. Muzzle clean & short with correct scissor bite. Lovely darks eyes of good placement. Straight front with good depth, He has ample bone and well up on pasterns. Body short & compacted with a nice amount of rib, and good top line. Backend well developed with strong hindquarters and well let down hocks. He moved around the ring ok. 

2nd Stanway’s Waystaff Double Trouble – R/W a very very close call on this placing as it is a dog I have admired and watched with interest, but not sure what happened today as I didn’t think his lady owner got the best out of him. He has a stunning head with lovely dark eyes, distinct stop, well pronounced cheek muscles, good mouth and strong underjaw. He has a short clean neck into good shoulders. Front is square with good width and depth brisket. Lovely short compacted body with nice spring of rib. He has a powerful backend with good angulation. A credit to his owner but came very close here today. 

3rd Lewis’s Kentstars Apollo 


Open Dog:-30 Ent, 10 Abs 


1st Grove’s CH Manark Murphy’s Law – Wow what another absolutely outstandingly good class of quality dogs, which made it a tough decision between my 1st & 2nd placings.  This dog fit the set criteria of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and ticked all the boxes. Turned out in immaculate condition for this show.  A Superb head with dark round eye and lovely ear carriage, clean strong muzzle with good underjaw with pronounced cheek bumps.  Front has good width of chest & depth of brisket. He has ample amount of bone & tidy feet, ribs well sprung, short in couplings with a nice tuck up. Backend was well muscled with the required amount of angulation, hocks well let down. Moved and handled very well by his lady owner.  Dog CC Winner, Res BIS and Best Opp Sex. 
2nd Chaine’s CH Jazz De Power Breton – A top quality Red dog that is well worthy of his CH title, and i wasn’t disappointed when I went over him.  Absolutely stunning dog Who excels in breed type, superb expression on a deep through head, dark round eye with correct muzzle ratio.  Strong well boned straight front with good depth of brisket, great spring of rib and nice tuck up. Good angulation which all makes up a lovely balanced overall picture, moved and handled very well. Res Dog CC 

3rd Smith’s CH Staffash the Hurricane



The S.B.T.C CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW 12th November 2016

I would like firstly to thank officers and committee of the S.B.T.C for their hospitality throughout the whole day and a big thank you to my very able stewards who kept the ring running smoothly. This was a monumental occasion for me to have the privilege of judging at this prestigious show. I thank each and every exhibitor for entering, and also to remember mine is just one person’s opinion and I wish you all the best at future shows.
I found the quality very high throughout the classes making for very close decisions.
VB 62 .
1st . Winwood & Tunnah’s CH Cursus Summer Storm black brindle, with lovely head and expression, good front short coupled body and good backend, still in rock hard condition, moved up and down the mat with purpose, a real credit to her owners.
2nd Hopkins CH Trufflestaff Monifa Kanika, a well-known classy black brindle with a good head and good ear carriage, still in great shape body wise. An overall well balanced bitch moved and handled well, unlucky to meet one in such good form.
3rd Funnell’s CH Kewaunee Pocahontas for Powerpack jw.
MPB 14 .abs 4
1st Asker’s Dazmarnic for her indoors. A very promising red pup at the right stage development for her age, lovely feminine expression good stop and ear carriage and correct bite, good front and good feet, short coupled body and good back end moved well, sure we will hear more from this girl.
2nd Rehouma and Desmazes. Malefik Dark Queen of Zynajoy. A well-proportioned youngster with good head shape, good front and depth of brisket, nice outline, rear quarters developing well, moved with confidence.
3rd Stanway’s Stormfire crack the code.
PB 17 abs 0
1st Blanch’s Diamond of Blanch Princess. Predominantly white with eyepatch, a very attractive youngster with nice head dark eyes and neat ears, strong under jaw and good bite, nice overall body shape who moved and handled well.
2nd Yates Tune & Cund’s Tusslestaff Black Diamond. A very classy black brindle shown in beautiful condition, everything fits together so well on this girl ,moved well and held her topline a lovely pup with a bright future .
3rd Dajast Sweety with Jam’n loz

JB 24.
1st Lahodova Vala Wesh Seren Fransimo Bohemia. Deep red that caught my eye on entering the ring, beautiful head and expression with dark round eyes and a deep stop. Well placed ears, correct front and good pasterns well laid shoulders, compact in body and a well-muscled backend, played up a little on the move, but I saw enough for her to secure 1st place in a strong class .
2nd Ferguson’s Gusonstaffs Black Widow. A very smart black brindle that fits the standard well, a well-balanced bitch with good head and neat ears, well put together in all departments covered the ground with ease, shown in great condition.
3rd Stewar’ts Aymstaff Angel of Light.

YB 15 abs 0
1st Byrnes & Gartlands Carandstaff Moondance. Stunning black brindle with beautiful head and expression, strong under jaw and correct bite, superb front and good feet, short coupled body and good rear quarters, moved well and held her top line, shown in gleaming condition . A star of the future. RCC
2nd McKimm’s Biggleswick Fifty Fifty. Top draw red bitch that I have admired from the ringside and was not disappointed on going over her. Another with beautiful head not over done in any department, shown in fit hard condition and a gleaming coat moved and handled spot on, unlucky to meet 1st in such good form .3rd Kaestner’s Bullrichs Don’t Worry be Happy.

MB 5 abs 3
1st Hillman’s Carandstaff Jean Genie. Black brindle with decent head well placed ears, clean lipped and correct bite, nice overall outline, another shown in very good condition, moved well.
2nd Rogers Ginstean Second Chance for Ynys staff. Another black brindle similar remarks to above, very little separated these two, moved and handled very well.

NB 14 abs 3
1st Stewart’s Aymstaff Angel of Light. Black brindle placed 3rd in strong junior class, lovely head shape strong under jaw excellent front, good body shape powerful rear quarters,will follow her progress as she matures .
2nd Hillman’s Carandstaff Jean Genie
3rd Smith’s Ramblestaff Maybe Baby .

PGB 29 abs 7
1st Johnson’s Bullhawk Maybe Mytime. What a cracker this bitch is, black brindle with white markings, bang standard, beautiful head and expression superb front good depth of brisket, lovely body shape, strong back end good bend of stifle, shown in mint condition, close call in challenge for rcc .
2nd Janssen & Van londen’s Angelic Staff kiss me kiwi, a very sound well balanced deep red, lovely head well defined cheek muscles dark eyes good stop and correct bite excellent front and good pasterns, strong well-muscled backend, good top line held on the move .
3rd Thisby’s Samtan Black Pearl. A trio of top quality bitch’s
LB 25 abs 7
1st Winwood &Tunnah’s Nerotoro Stella, another top draw black brindle that has all the essentials to make it to the top, a grand head set on a well-proportioned body, presented in tip top order who moved and handled to perfection, a real pleasure to go over .
2nd Johnson’s Ginstean my girl lolipop @ Nykkylestaff. Black brindle, a very neat well put together bitch, a pretty head with dark round eyes lovely feminine expression, a compact short coupled body and good rear end, good bend of stifle .a very well balanced bitch that covered the ground on the move with ease, handled well.
3rd Thompson’s Starolestaff lady Bea with siriustaff jw.

OB 28 abs 8
1st Pijloo’s Virzula Irresistible. Irresistible she is. an outstanding white bitch that is quality from tip to toe, beautiful strong well shaped head dark eyes, distinct stop and correct bite, superb front with good depth of brisket, excellent body plenty of rib strong powerful backend, this bitch is flamboyant in the show ring and seems to enjoy her time in there, both dog and handler work as one, as she moved around the ring her fitness was easy to see. No hesitation in awarding her crowning CC!
2nd Elrick’s CH Ruadonis Delilah’s Delight jw. Stunning red & white pied, very pleasing head and expression dark eyes, good stop and correct bite, lovely front and tight well-padded feet, short coupled body with good spring of rib, well-muscled rear quarters with good bend of stifle, moved and shown well .
3rd Nedorolik Roughnecks Little Angel.

Pete Hopgood – .Judge