The SBTC Championship Show – 20/07/08

Dog Judge: Mr.Steve Whitehouse (Friarstaff)
Bitch Judge: Mr. Gerald Westwood (Nethertonion)
What a fantastic I day had at my first CC awarding show. It was made more enjoyable with an entry of 138 dogs and I would like to extend my sincere thanks to every exhibitor who entered their dogs. I had some really top drawer dogs to Judge and the day just seemed to fly by. My principal winners were all standard dogs, a good blend of bull and terrier without exaggerations. I would like to thank the Officers, Committee and Ring Stewards for helping to make my day a memorable one. 
  1. White & Owens JAKIERANS BLACK BULLTYKE. B/Br young dog, excels in quality. Lovely condition. Strong handsome head. Good bite. Level topline. Nice front. Developing good rear quarters. Moved and handled well.
  2. Donaghy & McEldowney’s ANDRANIAN DERRY MUCKER B/Br. Similar type to first. Good head shape, nice eye and ear placement. All quarters coming along nicely. Good dentition. Moved ok.
  4. PUPPY DOG 18 (1)
    1.  Stanway’s WAYSTAFF STRIKES BACK. What an outstanding pied puppy. A real pleasure to put my hands on this young dog – if he’s been a little more mature I would not have hesitated to award a top honour. Great head, good bite, front, topline, back end.  I am quite sure this dog will go all the way. BEST PUPPY IN SHOW.
    2. Callaghan’s BOURTIE WOT A BOY B/Br. Another top drawer puppy with a strong head, good bite, in good condition, cracking front, good spring of rib. Moved and handled expertly.
    3. Jones’ MAXSTA HOT SHOT
    4. JUNIOR DJOG 22 (1)
      1. Quinn & Muir’s SHERDREW BOTH TO PERFORM AT MARATANA B//Br – a good win in an outstanding class of juniors. Lovely head and shape, good front, short coupled, level topline, good bite. Moved and handled well.
      2. Gibbs’ CH TILLCARR PYROTEKNIC jw. B/Br – a classy dog worthy of his title. Good strong  construction in every department. Good bite, ample underjaw. Level topline. Nice shoulders. Well presented.
      3. Wheeler’s DENAGAR LORD ACHILLES
      4. YEARLING DOG 13 (1)
        1. Pickett’s VALGLO TACTICIAN. Won this class easily with his quality and type. Good all round condition with lovely head shape, good bite, topline and shoulder placement. Moved ok. Handled with expertise.
        2. Bimson’s BRIGANAH DAYS OF THUNDER. Another quality B/Br dog in very good fit condition; not all the attributes of 1 but a very pleasing clean outline and good all round quarters.
        3. Hockley’s KIMSTAFF REGAL RAMIREZ
        4. MAIDEN DOG 7 (1)
          1. Jones’ MAXSTA HOT SHOT. B/Br of good blend bull & terrier. In fine condition, he will shine as he matures. Lovely strong head with ample underjaw, correct bite. Good front and rear end – a tad long at the moment but will improve visually when he ribs up.
          2. Gillard & Wiggins’ KEWAUNEE JOHN SMITH. B/Br carrying a lot of the 1st place attributes but not quite strong enough for me. An all round nice type of dog.
          3. Mercer’s HEATHGATES BULLY BOY
          4. NOVICE DOG 11 (4)
            1. Jones’ MAXSTA HOT SHOT
            2. Parkers’ PARGOVSTAFF BLITZEN BY SOLO B/Br of good al round type. Good bite, level ltopline, good front, tide back end; just needed to be a bit shorter backed for me.
            3. Mercer’s HEATHGATES BULLY BOY
            4. POST GRADUATE DOG 23 (2)
              1. Rhodes’ TERACOTA HELLS ANGEL. A cracking B/Br dog of high quality.  A pleasing picture when stood, he is put together well with correct bite, level topline standing and on the move, good front and backend, short coupled – won a very strong class.
              2. Streeter VALE OF BRYN RHYS. Black and white pied – a pleasing dog to go over in superb condition. A credit to the owners – much the same attributes as 1 but just needs a bit more in the front.
              3. Hancock’s HASWETH MAJOR TOM
              4. LIMIT DOG 31 (1)
                1. Ccreaney’s BOURTIE RED PROSPECT.  A red dog of outstanding quality and just what you would expect from this Kennel. Cracking head carrying ample underjaw and correct dentition. A powerfully built dog, well muscled all round. Moves with drive from a well angulated back end and a real pleasure to judge.  RESERVE DOG CC.
                2. Marriott’s JAJCA’S CHALLENGER. B/Br. The condition of this dog is outstanding and a real credit to the owner who pushed hard for the 1st place. A handsome dog with no exaggerations who moved well and was handled expertly.
                3. Gillard & Wiggins’ KEWAUNEE LENNI LENAPE
                4. OPEN DOG 22 (3)
                  1. Gilmour’s BRITSTAFF BY JOVE OVER DUMBRITONimp. A red dog that fits the standard in every department with outstanding balance and breed type.  Correct bite, good underjaw and head shape. Strong powerful construction – he moved around the ring with a presence of a proper showman and I had no hesitation in awarding this superb dog the DOG CC and he went on the take BEST OF BREED agreed upon by both my co-judge and myself.
                  2. Coats’ CH BELLEROPHON BEVIN BOY. B/Br – a more than worthy CH with a cracking headpiece and in superb condition in every department.
                  3. Wiik & Arntzen’s CH NOR CH PROUDSTAFF CHINESE DEMOCRACY
                  4. VETERAN DOG  1 (0)
                    1. Wihlborg’s SWE/INT CH HOLSTAFF CALEDONIAN CHIETAN – he stood alone in the class with what a lovely elderly boy – n good condition for his age with many attributes and a credit to his owners.
                    2. Steve Whitehouse (Friarstaff)
                5. Bitch Critique
                6. It was a very enjoyable day for me to judge the club championship show. I awarded my first set of CCs at this show 25 years ago.
                  A very well run show in a new venue with great atmosphere.
                  I would like to thank all concerned in making this a memorable day.
                7. M.P.B. 15
                  1st Funnell’s Kewanunee Pocahontas for Powerpack.
                  Lovely b/b/w 7 mths puppy, showing lots of promise with correctly proportioned head, dark eye, neat ears, body developed well for age. Moved well.
                  2nd Dawkins Machusi Pipe Dreams.
                  Brindle 8 mths. Good puppy, strong in bone and body. Good shaped head and moved well.
                  3rd Welsh Valglo Matilda For Staffwize
                8. PB 18 (14)
                  1st Lowe’s Ramblix Revisionist at Khanspride
                  Very nice 11 mth b/b/w puppy. Grand head, grand expression, good bite, strong in muzzle, good condition. Moved well.
                  2nd Hopkins Trufflestaff Monifa Kanika
                  Good black brindle 11 mths. Clean shapely head, same type as one. Well presented and moved well.
                  3rd Gent and Jacksons Advocates Kween of the Ring
                9. Junior Bitch 23 (20)
                  1st Robinson and Hedges Leger Photo Finish for Ramblix
                  Black brindle quality bitch. Cracking head and expression. Neatest of ears. Nice front and shoulders. Good in body. Shown and handled well.
                  2nd Albutt and Stanway Crashkon Pussycat Doll
                  Super headed bitch, dark eye, well ribbed body. Good front and brisket.
                  Good hind quarters and moved well.
                  3rd Reaney and Jackson Rolenska Leading Lady of Saxanjax
                10. Yearling Bitch 19 (17)
                  1st McBrides Spinellies Blew a Fuse
                  Soundly made black brindle bitch. Good head, rose ears, nice front, good feet, well sprung rib and well handled. Moved well.
                  2nd Nicholsons Baby Face Bomeshell at Ballindona
                  Same type as 1, good blanace, good head, level topline, good condition.
                  Moved well.
                  3rd Quinns Crashkon Puss in Boots at Bowferry
                11. Maiden Bitch 8 (4)
                  1st Trufflestaff Bonny Acorn
                  Good head and front. Good spring of rib. Short in back. Good movement.
                  Handled well.
                  2nd Parrs Parbuau Virtuoso Good
                  B/w nice head, good spring of rib. Good in quarters. In good condition and handled well.
                  3rd Robinsons Boydslass Bevin Belle
                12. Novice Bitch 10 (5)
                  1st Jones and Byrnes Stealaway White Flash
                  Nice red brindle and white. Carried herself well, lovely balance, good head, neat ears, nice in neck and shoulder. Good topline, moved and handled well.
                  2nd Johns Jayneze Dito for Welshstaff
                  B/b/w. Nice balance bitch, not so short in back as one. Presented and handled well.
                  3rd Trufflestaff Bonny Acorn
                13. Post grad 25 (19)
                  1st Pearce Inkastaff Midnight Chaos
                  Typical head and expression. Dark eye. Neat ears, good bite. Beautiful neck and shoulders. Lovely spring of rib. Short in back. Condition a credit to her owner.
                  2nd Byrnes Lackyle Inion Proifil
                  Good quality dark brindle bitch. Nice head and front. Good topline.
                  Moved and handled well.
                  3rd Beaufoy’s Wyrefare Cleopatra
                14. Limit bitch (31) 22
                  1st Williams Valglo Annastasia
                  Beautiful brindle bitch, full of class and quality. In complete harmony with her handler. Grand head, small rose ears, alert expression, good bone, legs and feet. Strong neck, good topline. Moved well.
                  Pleased to award her the CC and she went on to win R.B.S.
                  2nd O’Donnell’s Valglo Charlies Angel
                  Stong, short back brindle bitch. Nice spring of rib, lovely head, neat ears. In hard muscular condition. Handled and moved well.
                  3rd Renshaw’s Westbank Midnight Blue
                15. Open Bitch 16 (14)
                  1st Plant’s Subaron Sharran
                  Excellent in breed type. Stood squarely, black brindle with good head, dark eye, correct bite, level topline. Clean front, ample bone, moved and handled well. R.c.c.
                  2nd Taylors Ch Niatona To Sir with Love
                  Nice black brindle with plenty of virtues. Could easily be reversed on another day. A good champion bitch.
                  3rd Stanway Ch Waystaff Strikes Again
                16. Gerald Westwood