The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Championship Show 29th July, 2007


Judge – Barbara E. Beaufoy (Wyrefare)Bitches
Judge – Mr Colin Powell (BOWTMAN)  Dogs

Dog Critique

I would like to say it is an honour and a privilege to judge any breed club show but being the parent club it will always be a special one to judge for me As usual my wife and myself were made more than welcome on arrival and looked after very well throughout the day. It is always nice to have stewards who you know and have served with on committee for a long time in the ring with you. It makes your judging a lot easier with a smooth running show, so thank you Steve and Geoff for your help on the day.

My Limit and Open classes were full of exhibits of outstanding quality and type and unfortunately a lot had to be unplaced and go cardless on the day. The atmosphere around the ring seemed to be a pleasant one from what I saw of it.

I had a little smile to myself over one exhibitor and looking back on reflection a similar thing happened a few years ago, when a complete novice was talking to me about how many classes he had entered in. I told him you will have a long day or do very well, on this occasion I am pleased to say it was the latter of the two.

My dog CC and B.I.S. on the referee’s decision was IR CH Jagstaff the Advocate, Res CC was Ch Stormbull Solo JW, and my BP & B.P.I.S on joint decision with my co judge, whom I have known and respected for many years, was Bellerphon Bevin Boy.

I would like to thank all the exhibitors for their entries and taking my decisions sportingly and wish the officers, committee and the club every success in the future.


M/P/D/ (8,1a)
1st Russell, RUFFSTAFF CLYDES PRIDE, (B/B/W.) A smart eye catching puppy that won his class with ease and some to spare, reminded me of my own as a youngster, pleasing head shape, short and square with ample bone for his age, good pigmentation, moved well,
2nd Stone, ASHBULL O’SHEA (B/B.). Another youngster with ample bone and substance for its age, dark eye and good bite, but not the movement of my first placing.
P/D (20,3a)
A really nice class of exhibits of which some good dogs went card less
1st Coats & Greenwood, BELLERPHON BEVIN BOY, (B/B).
A well balanced dog of quality and type, pleasing head shape, correct ears and dark eyes, good front and feet, kept a good top-line on the move, well muscled for his age, B/P & B.P.I.S well done.
A dog that looks good from all angles, short square and compact, handler gets the best from this dog, another puppy with a bright future.
3rd Trow, BRIZEACKS FIRE IN THE HOLE, (B/B). Held is own in a strong class.
J/D (18)
1st O’Donnell, VALGLO VOO DOO, (B/B). A very clean cut dog in good condition, hard and fit, good head strong deep through with correct bite, a good blend of bull and terrier, one with a promising future.
2nd Alden-Smith, SMYLINATYA AUDACIOUS BOY (M Brindle) This dog was not the easiest to assess but quality will still shine through whether the handler or dog be novices, in this case both, good breed type, great head and expression with good pigmentation, straight front with good padded feet, kept a good top-line on the move once he settled down, the handler was easy to assess (Persistent) with some ringcraft handler and dog should have some memorable days at the shows. Wish you all the best for the future.
Y/D (17,3a)
1st Alden-Smith, SMYLINATYA AUDACIOUS BOY (M Brindle).
2nd Atherton, BUDDASTAFF MIDNIGHT SUN AT LANCSTAFF, (R/W). Good width and depth of head, well placed eyes, good bite, nicely ribbed and good turn of stifle, hard and fit moved well.
3rd Southall, BECKASH YOUNG LEO (B/B). Hard and fit.
N/D (8,3a)
1st Alden-Smith, SMYLINATYA AUDACIOUS BOY (M Brindle)
2nd Langlands, BOURTIE READY OR NOT (R/W). Pleasing head shape with well placed eyes, correct bite, straight front with good feet, ribbed and coupled well for his age, moved out covering the ground with ease.
3rd Craddock, BULLSTAKE BOMBER ®.
N/D (11,1a)
1st Alden-Smith, SMYLINATYA AUDACIOUS BOY (M Brindle)
2nd Langlands, BOURTIE READY OR NOT (R/W).
3rd Watkins, KINSWATSTAFF GOODFELLA (B/B/). Starting to mature nicely.
P/G/D. (19,4a)
1ST Smart, ARNHEM READY TO RUMBLE, (R). Deep red dog bang in the standard with great pigmentation, good strength of head, correct bite, nice front and feet, ample rib and bone kept a top-line on the move, hard and fit, in good condition, move well.
2nd Creaney, BOURTIE RED PRESPECT, (F). Another one of good type, nice ear and eye placement, correct bite, nice feet well padded, good turn of stifle, moved as one with the handler
3rd Alden-Smith, SMYLINATYA AUDACIOUS BOY (M Brindle).
L/D. (28,1a)
What a fantastic class with a lot of great dogs that had to go cardless.
1st Willis, CROSSGUNS GRADUATE AT CROSS-SWORDS, (Prod W). Striking dog that you keep going back to, got to put your hands on him to find out what’s under the coat, strong head deep through with correct bite, great pigmentation, the very best of fronts with tight feet, well off for rib and bone, good top-line, good turn of stifle. If ever a dog gave me a headache it was this one, the only thing that stopped me from giving him top honours was condition, needs to get him harder to compete at this end of the scale. (Great Dog).
2nd Cockayne, CHINASTAFF COLLATTERAL DAMAGE, (Bri). Another striking dog with the best of heads, cracking expression, good ear and eye placement muscular neck and body, level top-line and good tail set moved well.
O/D. (19,2a)
Not often you get 10 Champions entered in open classes these days this class was overflowing with quality and breed type.
1st Ridley, IR CH JAGSTAFF THE ADVOCATE, (R/W). The last time I judged this dog he went on to win the terrier group and 3rd B.I.S. at a general champ show. Right up my street a compact short well balance dog with plenty of substance, a real blend of bull and terrier, good pigmentation, hard and fit, a pleasure to award him his second CC and see him go on to B.I.S.
2nd Mace & Davis, CH STORMBULL SOLO JW. (B/B). A dog that I have looked at many times from the ring side and was pleased to be able to judge him today, looked and felt as good as I thought and was not disappointed at the result after assessing him, a worthy champion in is own right, one of the best coat conditions on the day, Res CC.
V/D (1)
1st Siddle, SPARSTAFF OLD SMOOTHIE (B/B). 9 years old and in good condition, nothing wrong with is eyes as he scooped up a biscuit off the mat on his way down, still has that mischievous look in his eyes, lovely to see the old fellow enjoying himself on his day out.
Mr Colin Powell


Bitch Critique

I was delighted to have been granted the opportunity to judge the bitches at this so prestigious Championship Show. Both support and atmosphere throughout were outstanding and most importantly, the overall quality of the exhibits was of the highest quality.My sincere thanks to my stewards and the dedicated committee of the Club who worked tirelessly to achieve so much to ensure the success of the day.

So pleased to have awarded top honours to Challenge Certificate winner P.T & E.A Stanway’s Waystaff Strikes Again; Reserve Challenge Certificate winner W.J & T Blacker & Wood’s Crossguns Sexy Thing at Bultery, with Best Puppy Bitch to S & J.S Simpson’s Briganah Black Orchid.


Minor Puppy Bitch 12(3)
1st. J & S Simpson’s Briganah Black Orchid.
D/Brindle with a beautiful feminine head, dark eyes, strong muzzle, neat ears and level topline. Right amount of rib for her age. Was proud to award her Best Bitch Puppy.
2nd. G. J & S. Stone’s Ashbull Tiz You.
D/Brindle with promising future. Goog head shape with strong muzzle. Soundly built, kept her topline on the move and presented in top condition.
3rd. S. Perry’s Foxstaff Magic Star.

Puppy Bitch 19(5)

1st. J. Smart & A. Pritchard’s Arnhem Twice As Nice.
This is an outstanding young red bitch. Strong head with dark eyes and dark muzzle. Straight front, neat feet and level topline. Moved and handled well.
2nd. I & V. O’Donnell’s Valglo En Vogue.
D/Brindle with promising future. Good head shpe with strong muzzle. Soundly built and kept in tip top condition. A credit to her owner.
3rd. A.T & M.L Holdcroft’s Jakamy’s Noir Angelis.

Junior Bitch 17(2)

1st. P.T & E.A Stanway’s Waystaff Strikes Again.
Outstanding Red Pied. She demands attention in the ring. Balanced from all angles, she has a beautiful head, correct muzzle and dark eyes. Level in topline, certainly one of the best movers on the day and the deserved Bitch Challenge Certificate winner and Reserve Best in Show.
2nd. R. Williams’ Valglo Annastasia.
D/Brindle. Strong feminine head with dark and well spaced round eyes. Strong muzzle with good strong under jaw. Straight front with correct rib development and level topline. With her well angulated hind quarters she moved with drive. One to watch in the future if kept fit.
3rd. W & J. Blacker’s Crossguns Memphis Belle.

Yearling Bitch 14(2)

1st. C. Smith’s Crayac Devil’s Black Mayhem.
D/Brindle. Classy bitch in tip top condition. Excellent head shape and feminine expression. Neat ears, dark eyes and level top line held on the move. Handled well.
2nd. R & D. Needham’s Stormpike Dark Angel.
Another first class dark brindle with attractive head shape both broad with deep muzzle. Dark eyes, very neat ears. Good straight front. Balanced from all angles she moved well and was handled well.
3rd. G. Thomas’s Sunnystone Steel Magnolia.

Maiden Bitch 12(2)

1st. Crayac Devil’s Black Mayhem.
2nd. P.T. & E. A Stanway’s Waystaff Dutch Spice.
Flashy dark Brindle & White. Compact and classy feminine bitch. Strong head, dark eyes, straight front with good rib. Level topline and with good rib. Handled well but on the day could have done with more sparkle in the ring.
3rd. E. J Lewis’s Blazinstaff Blazin Destiny.

Novice Bitch 11(2)

1st.. P. T & E. A Stanway’s Waystaff Dutch Spice.
2nd. E. J Lewis’s Blazinstaff Blazin Destiny.
Red bitch with good dark eyes and neat ears. Straight front, level topline and well handled.
3rd. T. Wilson’s Millstaff Precious One at Wilstaff.

Post Graduate Bitch 21(6)

1st. Day & Needham’s Stormpike Ebony and Ivory at Bullred.
Dark Brindle with good head shape. Broad and deep skull with correct length of muzzle. Neat ears, good expression, strong in quarters and with sound driving movement. Handled well.
2nd. Mr. & Mrs D. Hughes’ Michways Shes The One with Mishdar JW.
Classy and well balanced bitch. Broad and deep skull, good straight front with level topline. Moved and handled well.
3rd. R. A. Plant’s Subaron Sharrann JW.

Limit Bitch 16(1)

1st. W. J Blacker & T. Wood’s Crossguns Sexy Thing at Bultery.
Outstanding Dark Brindle with feminine head, neat ears and dark eyes. Correctly developed in rib with short back and neat tuck up. Sound throughout. Need to go over this bitch to fully appreciate her. Pleased to award her Reserve Challenge Certificate.
2nd. C & E. Bruton’s Wise Words JW.
Another first class Dark Brindle with attractive head shape. Broad skull with deep muzzle, dark eyes and neat ears. Straight front, neat feet, level topline. Moved and handled well.
3rd. L & M. Powell’s Foxstaff Mystic Magic JW ShCM.

Open Bitch 8(1)

1st. C & E. Bruton’s Ch. Farriers Velvet Maiden.
Beautiful Brindle bitch with strong feminine head and dak, well spaced round eyes. Strong muzzle with good underjaw. Straight front, neat feet, good rib and well bent in stifles. Moved with drive.
2nd. C. J & S. Stone’s Ch. Knockon Yes You at Ashbull JW.
Well balance Black/Brindle. Excellent head shape with neat ears. Strong muzzle of correct length and proportions. Right amout of rib, level in topline, moved and handled well. Shown in excellent condition.
3rd. J. Byrnes’ Ir. Ch. Ar Ais Aris Ar Lackyle.

Veteran Bitch 3(2)

1st. Ch. Mimcol Tasha Yar JW.
D/Brindle. What a pleasure to go over this bitch and what a great show career she still enjoys. So pleased she made Champion and she still looks great. Best Veteran on the day.

Barbara E, Beaufoy (Wyrefare)