The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club

Members Limit Show – 04.02.2017

I was lucky enough to be asked to judge this show as my first Breed Club Appointment. On the whole a fantastic entry and would like to thank all my exhibitors for allowing me to assess their dogs. There were some fantastic examples of the breed and I was extremely happy with my main winners. I would like to Thank the Officers and Committee in assisting with a well run show as always and the atmosphere around the ring was second to none.  Thanks to Joan Gadd for a beautiful lunch and exceptional Bakewell tart!, and of course to my stewards a big Thank You for keeping the ring flowing. On the whole the exhibits were presented Well, Although I was a little disappointed to see some long nails and a few dirty teeth, Please bear in mind when presenting your exhibits, it may make a difference in placings.
Veteran Dog 0/0
Minor Puppy Dog 0/0
Puppy Dog 0/0
Junior Dog 1/1
1-Ruberucla Trailbreaker
Black/brindle dog just gone in to junior at 13 months, lovely head and expression, neat ears, good stop, dark eye, correct bite. ample front for age, enough bone, good amount of rib, good bend of stifle, neat feet. Lovely short coat and shown in excellent condition, moved and handled well.
Yearling Dog 2/0
1-Bigglewick Slash of Ginge
Standard Red dog with a pleasant headpiece, perfect rose ears and set correct, deep underjaw and a piercing expression. his eyes followed me where ever I went in the ring. Good length of neck flowing into well placed shoulders. Good spring of rib with a nice depth of brisket and good muscle tone. Moved well fore and aft. I was pleased to be able to award Reserve Best Dog
2-Rossobull Diamond Geezer
Beautiful head shape, small rose ears and the darkest of eyes. Correct scissor bite, short muzzle with tight clean lips. Just enough reach of neck flowing into well layed back shoulders, Short coupled with correct tail set and level topline.
Maiden Dog 4/3
Hamason Red Revival
Red & white. A nice looking dog. Big head, lovely ear carriage, nice round dark eyes. Good stop, big teeth but slightly overshot. Well boned, deep brisket. Well-padded feet. Movement good, topline held, well let down hocks and well bent stifles. Tail carriage correct.
Novice Dog 4/3
Hamason Red Revival
Post Graduate Dog 3/1
1- Happy Daze
Dark Brindle Dog Almost 3 years old. Nice head-shape with dark eye, correct bite with clean muzzle and neat ears. Straight front. Good spring of rib for age with a level topline. When settled moved and handled well.
2-Rowellstaff Ooh Aar Cantona
Red dog with white, he has a good head shape, broad skull and distinct stop with dark eyes and dark mask giving super expression. Well-boned front quarters, plenty of rib, good topline and good bend of stifle. Movement was a little difficult to assess as he wouldn’t settle.
Limit Dog 4/2
1-Manark Fast N Furious
Tiger Brindle boy which I have Judged previously and who has come on in bundles. He doesn’t disappoint in any way, a beautiful boy fitting the breed standard. Well balanced, stands four square, for me an ideal headpiece with correct and neat ears, perfect scissor bite with lovely big white teeth, straight front with plenty of brisket close coupled and well muscled backend completed the picture, he moved like a dream holding his topline. This boy in my opinion is so overlooked I had no problem awarding him Best Dog & Reserve Best In Show
Open Dog 3/2
1 – The Man At The Top
He has an impressive head, strong foreface & underjaw, dark eyes & neat ears complete the picture. His compact body is well constructed, rib development good, and is short coupled with a strong backend. Shown in very fit condition, he moves well both front & rear.
Veteran Bitch 4/0
1-Jackabyte Top Totty
Well the old girls can still match the younger girls and today was no exception Top Totty can still strut her stuff! Well constructed bitch with a keen cheeky expression. Front straight as a die, forequarter good leading into a lovely body shape for her age, hindquarters strong with good bend of stifle, moved and handled well. I was pleased to award Best Veteran in show.
2-Dilirstaff Wicked Fury
Red who was stronger than 1st correct headpiece and a good bite, dark eye, straight front and well muscled rear end, shown in fit condition, moved well.
 3-Hubbulls Sherry Darling
4-Holstaff Gem Ramblix
Minor Puppy Bitch 3/0
1-Joemikeste Queen Of The Nile At Fergiestaffs
Very promising red and white puppy beautiful head developing, with a lovely expression, feminine shape and size, Rib coming, front straight, feet neat, enough width, good topline and rear quarters. As a baby should be at this age. Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy in Show
2-Studstaff Patronous Charm
Brindle pied who has the same attributes as my 1st very hard to choose between the two on the day. A touch bigger all over with good construction all round. She has a pretty head, with a dark round eye and clean foreface. Straight front, with decent width and neat feet. She is well off for bone and rib, maintains a level topline on the move.
3-Dilirystaff Wicked Fury
Puppy Bitch1/1
Junior Bitch 1/0
Rubericla Little Elita One
I have competed against this lady in the ring and admired her, but boy until you get your hands on her she definitely didn’t disappoint. Beautiful, chiselled head shape, with good stop, piercing dark eyes and offset by nice rose ears complete the picture. She has a strong muzzle housing correct dentition, this Lady in my opinion just oozes quality. Her body shape is spot on with correct angulation which enabled her to move well holding her topline. Shown in shining condition and has such a rapport with her handler I was pleased to award Reserve Best bitch and I am sure she will gain top honours in the future.
Yearling Bitch 4/1
1-Studstaff Sugar And Spice Of Hamason JW
Very eye catching red, showing a very straight front, correct scissor bite. Well proportioned skull, neat ear carriage, good spring of rib, correct bend of stifle. Topline was carried level when stacked and on the move, moved clear front and back.
2-Rossobull Sea Diamond
Red- strong in skull, tidy ears strong pasterns nice length of neck strong & clean in jaw, Level topline strong rear quarters. Moved well when settled.
3-Janjoma Boniwee Gurl
 Maiden Bitch 3/1
1-Carandstaff Jean Genie
I have seen from ringside and did not think she would be my kind of bitch until I judged her. Hands on it was a different ball game. Nice dark eye good ear carriage with a good bite, level topline, good tuck up at loin, correct tail carriage, moved well.
2.Duffman She’s A FireCracker
Brindle Pied bitch with strong head dark eye and rose ears good underjaw, correct scissor bite. Good forefront and well padded feet. Well layed back shoulders a little longer in cast that my 1st. Enough rib for her age and a good bend of stifle.  Unfortunately was not able to assess movement as this little one wouldn’t settle.
Novice Bitch 4/1
1-Rubericla Little Elita One
2-Carandstaff Jean Genie
3-Arnhem Ur Avin it
 Post Graduate Bitch 5/1
1-Carandstaff Jean Genie
2-Druidhawk Freja
Excellent feminine head of desirable proportions, neat ears, dark round eyes and correct bite. Clean lines, level topline, deep brisket cut up into loins, good
stifles and well let down at hock. Moved fore and aft with drive.
3-Arnhem Ur Avin it
 Limit Bitch 6/1
1-Biggleswick Fifty Fifty JW
Good breed type. Strong headed Red bitch, round piercing eye, good stop, tight flews and correct bite with large white teeth. Correct ear carriage, Good front, ample rib, good body and shown in really good condition. I was very pleased to have such a quality bitch which made an easy decision to award her Best Bitch and Best in Show. I’m sure this Lady will gain her champion status, Good luck for the future.
2-Jefmore Winter Solstice For Druidhawk JW
Good head not overdone, straight front, level top line, good developed backend, correct tail set, good standard bitch, moved and handled well.
3-Arnhem Nice As Ninepence
4-Biggleswick That’s Enough At Arnhem
5-Jefmor Fire And Ice Of Hamason
 Open Bitch 6/3
1-Arnhem Nice As Ninepence
Good head shape, correct bite, clean lips, complemented by lovely round eye and neat ears. Compact body, straight front, enough rib and short back with a good topline, finished off with strong back end enabling her to move well.
2-Caramel Rose Princess
Black brindle who has good breed type also, nice expression on this girl set off by neat ears and dark eye. Strong front with good width and depth of brisket. Good spring of rib and level topline leading into a good back end with correct angulation, she is very well balanced and was handled and moved with ease Just preferred the head on winner, but still lots to like about this girl.
3-Biggleswick That’s Enough At Arnhem
Judge Michelle Southall