Limit Show 28th February 2009

Judge: Mr Peter Eva


To be asked to judge Staffords is always a thrill, but to judge the parent club is really special. The venue in Essington village is easily reached and of ideal size, well laid out with all the facilities. Barbara Ann Beaufoy as Show Manager runs a smooth team ably supported by an experienced Committee and helpers. The listing is like a Whose Who of the SBT world. The entry may have suffered due to some published date confusion, but there were very few absentees. I have no colour prejudice, but I know that some find it of interest. A special thank you to Trevor Bowler.




1. Sunnerfield’s Canakey Mad About the Boy – Good in head, stop, eye colour, shape and position. Nice sweep of neck onto good shoulders. Top line, front, bite, good expression, ears erratic, but on well. Red
2. Glazer’s Jepheths Thriller – a bit up on size to 1st, very fit. Nice head, ears, but front and shoulders spoilt the day.
1. Birbeck’s Janikastco Jumpin Jack Flash – Good in head detail, smashing expression, bite, teeth, ear. Good flow of neck, top line, tail set. Moved well in profile and away. Feet could be tightened up to good effect. Bit heavy. Red.
2. Dalby’s Dalarix Simply the Best – Winning personality, very good condition, strong body with good muscle. Let down by forehand.
1. Beaufroy’s Wyrefare the Governor – difficult to handle, I suspect and went up and down the line in my assessment, but finally the dog and young handler got it together. Really nice, good front, straight from well placed shoulders. Feet OK, strong boned throughout. Masculine head, eye and ear set correct. Reach of neck to top line and well formed body. Moved well some times. Red.
2. Karlsson’s Valglo Enzo of Jewlestaff – well presented and well bred youngster. Excellent condition. Very nice in head, eye, ear, bite. Bit straight in shoulder and an unfortunate action.
3. Stoke’s Kriskat Ace of Spades at Oxstoks.
1. Hyde’s Segbred Sampson – Very fit hard muscle, good top line, straight in front, forehand, feet. Power throughout, but only moved OK. Lots of potential. Very expertly handled. Black.
2. Watkin’s Valglo Equaliser – Bred I believe in the purple! Really nice, tidy dog, excelling in top line, head, eye etc. and backend. Let down in movement and feet, both if which can be improved. Black.
3. Beaufoy’s Wyrefare The Governor.
1. Beaufroy’s Wyrefare the governor – Getting better every time.
1. Watkin’s Valglo Equaliser – Rept.
2. Beaufoy’s Wyrefare The Govenor – Rept
3. Wedgewood’s Pottersway Crafty Potter.
1. Hydes’s Sedgbred Samsson – Rept & Reserve Best Dog
2. Kerr’s Alport Latino Hearat for Mamasitas – Presented in tip top condition, just bit up on size, longer than most & not putting much into moving.
3. Fereday & Wilke’s Thunder Flash Lad at Keliannes.
1. Price’s Princess Picasso – Well formed throughout with pleasing top line, head, eye, bite, shoulder, front. Generous head and carrying a bit more weight than he should. Black
2. Watkin’s Kinswatstaff Goodfella JW – Presented in top condition with great head, eye, expression. Let down by upright shoulder, giving an unnatural slope to top line.
3. Fereday & Wilke’s Thunder Flashy Lad at Keliannes – Rept
OPEN DOG 4 [4]
1. Morell’s Niatona The Boy Wonder – Good in shoulder with well boned heavy weighted limbs. Strength and form in head, eye well set, good bite. Well made body, good top line. Moved well and true. A lot of him, which can be no bad thing. Would like a bit more sparkle and feet tightened. Black. BD, RBIS & BOS
2. Goodwins Saxanjax All that Moonlight at Ounsdale – Just a shade long. Wide, powerful head. Very fit.
3. Ford’s Valgo Jeff’s Choice.
1. Kerr’s Alport Won Soc On of Mamasitas – I was later reminded that 7 years previously I had made him BP and wrote, “He is good enough to eat.” My view of him as the Best Veteran Dog and later Best Veteran in show in consistent. Great shining, polished coat, gleaming health. Great conformation, tidy feet, muscled, standing four square with correct top line. Nice head well on, eye, bite, all the boxes. I hope he has had a successful career for these 7 years. He certainly will need a special dog to beat him in Veteran.
2. Rhode’s Teracota the Heathen – At 9 years young, another wonderful bus pass holder. Fit as the breed expects, good long muscle, typical breed expression and very competitive. Veteran class decisions are complex as an addition to all the normal issues a couple of extra years have to be built in. Two cracking dogs, thank you.
1. Karlsson Jewelstaff Serenity – Really nice youngster, very new, but got better as the competition went on. Very good feet, promising head shape, good stop, eye, ear, set on reach of neck but then into slightly upright shoulders which meant a slope to the top line. Legs, enough bone, turn of stifle on rear with nice covering of fit muscle. In super nick, just those important months younger than the puppy, but has promise.
1. Chandler’s Gwynford Celtic Myst – Altogether promising, very nice head shape, set on neck well, eyes of dark colour facing forward. Ears OK, great expression. With true front, shoulders just laid back giving a nice top line and backline, tail well on. Presented in good condition as were all the dogs and bitches today. Just about right muscle for age, tidy feet. My BPB and Best Puppy in Show. Nice one, black.
2. Saunt’s Cragails Braw Hizzie – Lots to like, good top line and shoulder, tail on. Reach of neck with super muscled powerful backend. Not quite as balanced as one.
1. Jackson’s Bourtie Wot a Steal JW – Very tidy together bitch. Good shoulders and straight front, with nice feet. Neck tapering well into forehand. Good bite. Nice top line and well formed back end. Well muscled, fit, handled in a professional manner. Eye forward, not using ears to her advantage, but it doesn’t walk on it’s ears. Well deserved Reserve Best Bitch, which at 18ish months is no mean achievement. Black/flash. Should do well.
2. Martin’s Lisas Luckey charm at Alvis – fit, good size, but let down to 1st for shoulder, back end and feet.
3. Enfield & Ingram’s Pitstars Trick or Treat.
1. Hubbull’s Sherry Darling – Very sound, substantial bitch. Good shoulders, reasonable top line, muscled, strong back end. Moved well on reasonable feet. Red with dark muzzle, which takes a while to adjust to. Ears nowhere.
2. Dalby’s Just Jac – Good height to length ratio. Nice slope to shoulders, top line and back end.
3. Lowe & Hedge’s Ramblix Revisionist at Khanspride JW.
1. Chandler’s Gwynford Celtic Mtst – Rept
2. Dalby’s Tedgrid Lady Varabic.
1. Hubbull’s Sherry Darling – Rept.
1. Craddock’s Egyptian Sunset at Craddogz – Very correct set of head on good neck into well laid shoulders. Straight front at each corner, firm very fit body, nicely shaped. Eye’s front, ears everywhere. Feet could be tightened up to advantage. In super nick, well handled. Red.
2. Summerfield & McDermott’s Spikers Bits and Pieces – Good for size, in very good fit condition, feet flattish.
3. Hubbulls – Sherry Darling – Rept.
1. Walker’s Tiptoe Red Lady at Janiskastco – Striking bitch that was very ‘in your face’ and shouted for top spot. The essence of balance in all departments. The ratio of height to length, forehand with nice slope to shoulder, lay in and lay back. Good feet, top line, straight front, enough waist, tail on. Alert expression, ears, defined muzzled head piece. Moved well always but particularly in profile. Won here and Best Bitch, then on to a deserved Best in Show. Red/white.
2. Ford’s Jackstaff Fire Opal at Jefmor – Fit, hard and put down to do well. Good head piece, eye, ear looking right. Strong neck onto top line with a powerful back end as in fit for purpose.
3. Wall & Webb’s Jessica’s Midnight Miss at Manark.
1. Hyde’s Little Lady Charm at Sedgbred – Lovely straight front, fit in top condition. Fair forehand with good muscle throughout. Moved well and good winner here. Strong head, nicely formed, eyes well set.
2. Kincka’s Alcnik Rosa Parks – Seemed a little carrying a little extra than absolutely required. Well shown, but not putting in her enthusiasm.
1. Pritchard’s Brindle Bonnie of Anthian – 10 years in the peak of condition and charm personified. Indulged to a greater extent, but a very good Stafford. In clean glossy condition, handled with an experienced hand. Good lay of shoulder with firm wide top line. At ease to be in the limelight and was prepared to be a star. My thanks to Mr. Pritchard. Brindle.

Peter Eva.