Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Open Show 10th November 2007


First I would like to offer thanks to the Committee and the Membership for electing me to Judge at such a prodigious Club Show, and also for all the committee’s hard work, in making it such an enjoyable day, special thanks too, for both the rings Stewards for their efforts.
Pleased to say that there was only one case of an exhibit with a minor dentition fault, so I felt there wasn’t any need to mention teeth/bites in my critiques. On the down side to many exhibits today, when moving away, moved to close-in, lacking the correct parallel drive. Something we should all bear in mind when breeding for the future.

MPD 8 (2)
1st   Mr & Mrs P. Smith’s Chinastaff  Soldier Boy Pennsmith
     D/B Promising youngster has a wide clean front with ample bone & tight feet, good body shape. Rear quarters coming along nicely, well ribbed up, short coupled, level topline which he held on the move. Head shape helped complete the picture has a good expression, shoulders well laid back and for a young one, the elbows are correct, when fully bodied up should fit the bill. BPD
2nd   Mr & Mrs G. Wheeler’s  Denagar Achilles
     B/B Smaller in stature to the winner but carried many of the same virtues. Stood four square, well off for bone, deep wide skull, correct rose ears and dark eyes, strong muzzle and underjaw, no sign of lipiness.  Coming along on the right lines already has a decent depth of brisket along with a good spring of rib. Slightly looser in movement to the winner should improve with age.
3rd   Mr & Mrs M. Brierley’s  Ebony Huntsman At Jackbull naf
PD 1(0)
1st  Mr & Mrs J. Dalby’s  Troys Little Trooper
   P/D Standing alone this pied carries many virtues, good heavy bone, already has powerful muscle development. Attractively marked head draws the attention,  rose ears, dark eyes, developed cheek bumps. I would have preferred a better balance between Bull & Terrier, not helped by him carrying extra weight. Extra hard road work on the lead, will enhance his chances at future shows.
JD 8(0)
1st Mr I. Lavers & Ms D. Perks’s   Jewelstaff Great Ebony Idol
    B/B/W s/size stood four square, admirable head shape with depth and width to the skull. Rose ears used to great effect, dark eyes of the correct size and a well filled foreface. Good width to his front, ample bone with tight feet and pasterns a nice indicator of his hardness, fitness and coat condition. Angulations both front and rear just about spot-on, body was in balance and he moved with a drive and purpose to Res. BD and a fully deserved Res.BIS
2nd Mr & Mrs B. Trow’s  Brizeacks Fire In The Hole
   B/B/W Very similar in type to the winner, again good angulations, very pleasant reach of neck flowing into well laid shoulders. Head, a good breed type with a really strong muzzle no lipiness, well sprung ribs, short coupled ,  good development of upper and inner thigh muscles, nice bend of stifle, hocks well let down all helped to produce a free flowing, driving movement.
3rd  Mr W. Holdcroft’s  Jackamy’s Best Mate
YD 7(1)
1st Mrs M. & Mr K.Watkins’s  Kinwatstaff Goodfella  JW
     B/B Well off for bone, s/size, clean wide and strong front. Punishing head piece without being overdone, his correct rose ears, dark eyes and head proportions produced a very typical expression. Level topline and good underline, well sprung ribs, short coupled, grand rear angulations helped by having rock hard muscles. Moved well and was able to maintain his topline. He could trouble the best, if the present progress continues.
2nd  Mr & Mrs B. Trow’s  Brizeacks Fire In The Hole
3rd   Mr S.& A.J. Cockaynes  Star Of Kia 
MD 4(2)
1st  Mr K. Prince’s  Prince Picasso
     B/B/W s./size, stood four square, solidly boned.  Level topline, ample spring of rib also well ribbed up, a reasonable length of neck that flowed into his well laid shoulders. No sign of looseness at the elbows, strong head with a pleasing expression, head in balance with the body.
Excellent muscle definition, felt that today he was carrying a tad too much around the couplings.
2nd  Ms J. Graham’s  Mai Rebel
     R/W Nicely marked predominately white head which highlighted his lovely dark eyes, ears not used to his best advantage. Presented in a fit condition which was reflected in a gleaming coat, s/size with many virtues, which included a strong powerful head and well angulated front and rear quarters. Handler needs to be careful when stacking, not to place his front legs to far apart. 
ND 7(4)
1st  Mr & Mrs B. Trow’s Brizeacks Fire In The Hole
2nd Mr S. & A.J Cockayne’s  Star Of Kia
     B/B/W s/size dog, deep through skull, with muzzle to head ratio spot on, no ultra short muzzle here. He used his rose ears to good effect. Well balanced body shape, good depth to brisket, short coupled, level topline, correct tail set, good bend of stifle hocks let down, moved well. Just lost out to winner, really only nit picking between the two, preferred the slightly better expression of 1
3rd  Ms B. Turner’s  Janastaff Pretty Boy At Tidestaff 
PGD 5(1)
1st  Mr K.& Mrs A. Goodwin’s   Saxanjax All That Moonlight Atounsdale
       D/B/W Well balanced dog, good stop, nicely placed rose ears, dark eyes, well filled foreface, tidy underjaw. Powerful short neck, leading to laid back shoulders. Ample bone, good engine room with a nice spring of rib, short coupled, level topline that didn’t fall away at the croup. Strong rear quarters another good mover, handled well, won the class on slightly better overall balance.
2nd Ms K.& Mrs K. Hitchcock’s  Gadkey’s Apollo At Kriskat
   D/B  Punishing head without being over done, has a wicked expression, clean, wide front with good bone, tight feet, shoulders well muscled no signs of any weakness in front, rear upper and lower thighs strong and hard, pleased to find good solid inner thigh muscle I know this only comes with hard work. Handler got the best from him, especially on the move
3rd  N. Watson & J, Roberts’s   Gadkey’s  Invincible
LD 3(2)
1st  Mr D. & Mrs M.. Southall’s   Beckash Young Leo
   B/B/W s/size dog stood four square, pleasant lines with plenty of bone, nice width to his front, strong pasterns with tight feet. Head had many of the merits a judge is looking for; presented a picture that was well balanced throughout. Shoulders well laid back, brisket had a nice depth to it, ribs well sprung, short coupled, level topline, bend of stifle good, hocks well let down. Moved with drive and purpose, he pushed hard for top honours.
2nd  Mr & Mrs P&T Morrell’s   Niatona The Boy Wonder
    D/B A case of splitting hairs between these two, differences were minute, on another day, positions could easily change, carrying many of the same virtues as the winner. Deep through skull, correct rose ear placement and carriage, dark eyes set right. Muzzle strong but not too short, head in complete balance with his likable well muscled body shape, also moved and handled well, lacked just a little of his usual sparkle.
OD 3(2)
1ST J. Ford & K. Morgan’s  Valglo’s Jeff’s Choice
     B/D One to take home this boy, presented in fit, hard condition with a gleaming coat. Without exaggerations, completely balanced, topped off with a beautiful head shape, deep and wide, good stop, dark eye, muzzle ratio to head ideal, no lipiness all helped to create a wicked expression.  Wide front with good bone, stood up on his padded toes all the time, body shape and condition highlighted his spring of rib, rear angulations and muscle tone. Moved with drive, while maintaining a level top line. Fully deserved BD & BIS
2nd  Mr & Mrs G. Hyde’s  Subaron Superlative Sam   
     B/B another Lad with a strong well proportioned head held firm by a solid neck, shoulders well laid back, powerful front showing excellent bone, plenty of heart/lung room in his ribcage. When viewed he gave off an impression of power, really taken with his rear quarters, correct muscle type/tone in both upper and lower thighs, plus what I like to feel hard, strong inner thighs. On the day thought he was a touch to heavy in front, and perhaps a shade to bully for me.
VD 1(0)
1st  Mr J. Rhodes’s   Teracotta The Heathen
    B/W Although alone he was still able to hold onto fine form despite the advancing years, deep wide skull, rose ears and dark eye, not lost any of his head strength or shape. Cleanest of fronts, good bone with tight feet, strong pasterns, liked his body shape with spring of ribs still evident. Front and rear angulations showing no real signs of ageing, presented in fit/hard condition went on to show the youngsters he could still strut his stuff on the move up the ring. Deserved Best Veteran.Friendly banter between both handlers during the challenge for Best Veteran was great to see, well done, to both of them..
MPB 8 (1)
1st  Mr S.& I Cockayne’s Lunar Landing
     B/B Young girl showing early promise, s/size stood four square, reasonable length to well boned legs, head developing along the right lines, correct ears and carriage, coupled with a really dark eye gave her a sparkling expression. Good reach of neck, enough depth to brisket for her age, better muscle tone will come with maturity. Handlers use of a long lead allowed her to much freedom on the move ,difficult to access her movement, virtues won her through.
2nd   Mr P. Craddock’s   Eygptian Sunset
     R/W Another quality youngster with a typically strong but feminine red head, deep , wide, through skull with the correct muzzle ratio to head about right, topped off with a really dark mask. Slightly less bone than 1 but had enough, level topline held on the move, shoulders well laid, ample spring of rib, ribbed up, good bend of stifle, only needs to tighten up to complete the picture.
3rd   Ms C. Goodyer’s  Jewelstaff Aurora 
PB 5(0)
1st Mr S & J. Simpson’s   Briganah Black Orchid JW
 B/B  She demands the closest of attention, stood four square, well boned, looked good from all angles nothing overdone. Most attractively shaped head, strong and powerful yet maintaining her femininity and expression, clean, wide front, tight feet, up on her toes. Body equally, had many excellent points of which angulations front and rear were among them, Handled and moved well her ring presence and class couldn’t be ignored. One, I shall be keeping an eye out for, in the future. BPB & BPIS
2nd  Mr N.Davies’s   Sebsonic Sweet Success
      B/W  Top sized Lass, solidly boned, well balanced, deep wide skull, strong muzzle without any lipiness plenty of strength in the underjaw, thought she failed to use her ears to good effect. Cleanest of fronts, decent depth of brisket, ample spring of rib, good lines throughout, short coupled, good bend of stifle with hocks well let down. Presented in fit, hard condition really pleased to see she kept her balance during her driving, flowing movement.
3rd   A.Somerfield & G.McDermott’s   Spikers Bits And Pieces
JB 10(1)
1st   Mr T.Wilson’s   Millstaff Precious One At Willstaff  JW
  R/W Another to catch the eye, up on the leg, beautifully marked specimen her white chest showed off her front to good effect. Heads also demands the closet of looks, really dark eye, great pigmentation, rose ears all helped to give a super expression. Nice body shape, level topline, deep brisket, good spring to ribs, impressive rear end solid as a rock with hard muscles throughout, expected and got the movement I was looking for, helped her take first place.
2nd  Mr M. & Mrs T. Walker’s Tiptoe Red Lady At Janikastco
   R/W Great to have two quality reds in the same class, this smart Lady carried many of the virtues of 1, good bone, the almost completely white front chest  and legs extenuated her head which had nice rose ears ,dark eye and mask, good cheek bumps and head proportions, one of the best expressions on the day. In fit, hard condition highlighted by her beautiful coat. Was a
 pleasure to Judge both girls.
3rd  Mrs M.Stokes’s   Lucky Lucy Lass
YB 5 (1)
1st  Mr J.Dimmock’s   Wannavilles Maid Over Yonder
     B/B  Well balanced standing four square, feminine head with a nice stop, strong muzzle/underjaw, no lipiness,  correctly placed dark eye, impressive use of ears. Reasonable reach of neck that flowed into well laid shoulders, pleasing front with good bone. Good depth of brisket, ribs well sprung and short coupled, level top, nice underline, strong rear, hocks let down, nice bend of stifle. Movement was good, would like to see the finished article, pushed hard today for top honours
2nd  Mr M & Mrs T Walker’s  Tiptoe Red Lady At Janikastco
3rd   Mrs M.Stokes’s  Lucky Lucy Lass
MB 6 (1)
1st   Mr N.Davies’s   Sebsonic Sweet Success
2nd  Mr K.& Mrs M.Watkins’s   Hubbulls Glory Days
     R/W Wide deep skull, rose ears, dark eye with good pigmentation, dark mask a really typically red, feminine head. Well developed shoulders, no weakness at the elbows, ample bone strong pasterns. Level topline, nice muscle formation and tone throughout. Moved with drive
3rd  J. Ford & K. Morgan’s    Jewelstaff Fire Opal 
NB 9 (3)
1st   Mr J.Dimmock’s    Wannavilles Maid Over Yonder
2nd   Mr K& Mrs M. Watkins’s    Hubbulls Glory Days
3rd   Mr J. Parker’s      Rumrourke Rubiwax
PGB 7 (5)
1st   Mr S. Fletcher& Ms M.Lee’s    Monalees Shanghai Suzzie
  B/B/W  Took the eye straight away, hands were able to confirm what the eye saw, presented in fit, rock hard condition standing four square, nothing overdone, good bone, pleasing wide front set on tight padded feet. Angulations front and rear spot on another with well developed inner thighs, deep brisket, well sprung ribs, shoulders well laid, all topped off with the smartest of heads, everything there in the right proportions. Good stop, rose ears, dark eye, large cheek bumps, she looked the complete package with a good movement to boot. Unlucky to meet both dogs on such top form. BB & BEST OPP.SEX IN SHOW
2nd   Mr & Mrs G&P Hyde’s   Little Lady At Sedgbred
   B/B/W  Very similar in type to the first carrying many of the same virtues, critiques could almost be identical. Came down to nit picking, thought the stronger  front pasterns and tighter feet of the winner won the day, Still all in all, a quality little lady.
3rd   Mr & Mrs G&D Wheeler’s   Beraka Summer At Denagar
LB 4 (1)
1st   Mr S. Thomas’s  Worastaff White Toe Katie
    B/B Top sized bitch shown in fine coat and tip top condition, deep through skull, good ears, and dark eye set correctly, well filled foreface, flews not fleshy, strong muzzle all giving an impression of power which added up, to give her a wicked expression. Decent length of neck leading to well laid shoulders. Deep brisket, ribs well sprung level topline held at the croup, nice tail set and carriage. Powerful muscle development throughout looked the part, movement was good. Res BB
2nd  Messrs J&S Kincla’s   Alcink Rosa Parks JW
    B/B A s/sized quality bitch I have admired from outside the ring, not disappointed, taken by her head shape, with it’s correct proportions and expression. Strong wide front with ample bone,  strong pasterns and tight feet. Stands four square, with no exaggerations, completely balanced, great body shape and overall muscle definition was excellent. Felt today she didn’t have her usual ring presence and sparkle, cost her dear.
3rd Mr & Mrs G& P Hyde’s    Little Lady At Sedgbred
OB 1 (1)
VB 1 (0)
1st  Mr A.Pritchard’s   Brindle Bonnie Of Anthian
    Stood alone this little charmer belied her tender years, still full of the joys of spring. Head not lost any of it’s shape, good breed points or pleasant expression. Four square with good bone and well laid shoulders, elbows still solid, much to admire about her front and body form, level topline, deep brisket, still holding on to good muscle tone and condition, credit to the Owner. Enjoyed her day out, evident by her youthful stroll up the mat. BEST VB


Judge: John Joyce