SBTC Open Show 2015 – Judge: Julie Kemp-Hale

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Open Show Critique
Judge: Julie Kemp-Hale (Caymenstaffs)

I would like to thank the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club’s Committee for this opportunity to judge this breed club show today. I would personally like to thank my two ring stewards who were exceptional in the running of the ring, they were efficient, well organized and made my day run smoothly. Many thanks to the committee for running a very good show today, it was there first time out as a team and they made this an exceptional day for all that attended. Many thanks of course to the exhibitors as without them there is no show. Thank you for the opportunity to examine your dogs and I found many fine example of dogs and bitches today. It may be a cliché to many but it is has to be said, some dogs will change places on another day. Overall the dogs presented today were of good quality for our breed, a few dirty coats Fitness is important and a trim waist does not make a fit dog, lack of muscle tone was at a loss today in many dogs, road work is the key, mouths I feel need to be watched carefully, inverted canines especially can and will affect a dogs health. Construction when breeding needs more consideration. With all this in mind, the critique today is just my opinion. Thank you again for your entries today and good luck for the future.

VD (4,2)
1. Thompson: KIAMIROSE BOSSIN MOTION AT SIRIUSTAFF ShCM. Black brindle who is 7 years young, well presented for his age, good head shape, round eye and good ear placement, correct bite. Level topline when standing, moved ok and worked well with his owner, and enjoyed his day out. BEST VETERAN IN SHOW.
2. Martinez: BLACKGOLD THE LOS DEL ELSA. Black brindle with a white chest, 9 years young and presented in good condition, well-proportioned head and not overdone with a dark eye with good ear shape, correct mouth, stronger in body than one, paid attention to his owner and moved well for him. Seemed to enjoy his day.
MPD (2)
1. Emmett: DRUIDHAWK GOD OF WAR. Black brindle at 8 months old, lovely expression with a dark eye and neat ears, correct bite, feet good with dark nails, topline good when standing and on the move, moved well once he settled, a little more ringcraft needed and with time this youngster will soon settle into the show ring.
2. Howard: PENDLESTAFF FIRE CRACKER. Brindle with a white chest marking, another youngster at 7 months old, nice head shape, white blaze down his face, round eye shape with good ear placement, good topline when standing, a little hard to assess when moving, handler a little nervous, but with time and practice both will settle.
PD (5,1)
1. Jack: SIKAISTAFF THE BEAST. Mahogany brindle with a good head shape and rose ears, correct bite with large white teeth, round dark eyes, good bend of stifle with tight feet with dark nails, good rib for his age with a level topline when stacked and on the move, was presented in fit condition, good muscle tone for a young dog, good length of neck into the shoulder placement. Was a little restless when first moving, once settled he moved with drive from the rear. A credit to his owner, well done. BEST PUPPY DOG/BEST PUPPY IN SHOW.
2. Baldwin: ELITEBULL NIGHT MISSION. Black brindle, presented in great condition, lovely shape head but not as strong as my first , a little finer in build, round eyes and neat ears, correct dentition, long in neck, level topline when standing and on the move, tight feet, took a little time to settle when moving, once he had he worked well with his handler today.
3. Rowe & South: ILLORI AKINLANA.
JD (9,1)
1. Jack:
2. Bowler: KYRALOEBIS THE BOGUS MAN AT TRELYNBOW. Black brindle, correct head shape with a good expression, correct bite, dark eyes with neat ears, and correct bend of stifle with good feet with dark nails, stood four square, moved well. Handled well for his owner.
YD (7,3) 
1. Butler: RAMBLESTAFF COS I COULD. Black brindle, white chest and white on his feet, stood proud on a full lead for his owner, lovely head piece and expression showing a true Stafford smile, rose ears, dark eyes, correct dentation with large white teeth, level top line when stacked, movement was hard to assess at first as he was restless, once settled moved ok.
2. Vuk Susic: KEGS ON LEGS FEARSOME DEVIL. Black brindle, presented in good condition, good head shape with neat ears, round eye and clean lipped, good length of neck into well placed shoulders, good rib and bend of stifle. Short coupled with a level topline when stacked and moving, settled on h%MCEPASTEBIN%is second walk, very little to pick between these two dogs. As expected handled very well by his handler today.
ND (3,1)
2. Dean: KYLESTAFF MUDDY WATER. Black brindle, classic head shape and not overdone, clean lipped, dark eyes, neat ears, teeth ok, straight front, feet ok, handler appeared to be a little nervous but once settled they worked well together.
PGD (4,1)  
1. Martinez: BULLBROTHERS DR WHO. Black brindle with white marking on chest, presented in fit condition, pleasing head shape with neat ears, round eye, with correct bite, lovely expression, straight front, good rib with tight feet, good bend of stifle, handled very well. Stood out in his class.
2. Shepard: SMOKEMONTS BACK TO BLACK. Black brindle, not as strong as first, pleasing head shape, good eye shape, neat ears, clean lipped, teeth ok, level topline, took some time to settle for his handler when moving, was happy in the ring and presented well.
LD (6,3)
1. Grove: MANARK MURPHY’S LAW. Black brindle, white marking on chest. This dog entered the ring and got my attention, a classic head shape with neat ears and the Stafford expression which I like, correct bite with large white teeth. I have judged this dog before and he just improves with age, a good length of neck which flows down into well placed shoulders, good spring of rib and bend of stifle, tight feet with dark nails, correct front, a level topline when stacked and on the move, stood four square on a full lead and his young handler showed him well and he looked quality from any angle. Was unsettled when he was first moved, once settled moved very well. This dog has a strong character which is wonderful to see in our breed, just as they should be. Was a pleasure to award him BEST DOG and BEST IN SHOW.
2. Ford: JEFMOR EYE OF THE TIGER. Black brindle with white chest, stronger dog overall than first, good head shape with neat ears, dark eye. Correct bite, ample of rib with good tuck up on the waist, level topline when standing,. He certainly had a strong character and made his handler work hard today.
OD (6,2)
1. Kimber: KIMSTAFFS HARRY POTTER. Black brindle with a white chest. This dog has the typical Stafford expression, he is a blend of bull and terrier with no exaggerations, clean lipped, correct dentition, with neat ears and the darkest of eyes. Straight front with tight feet, well placed shoulders, level topline with a good bend of stifle, he moves effortlessly and works well with his lady handler. Just missed out on best dog, I was happy to award him RESERVE BEST DOG.
2. Price: LITTLE BEAU GESTE. Black brindle and white chest marking. Clean head shape with neat ears, round eye, clean lipped. Correct bite, good spring of rib, tight feet, tucked up on the waist, level topline on the move, moved well once settled. Worked well with his owner.
3. Hubble: THE MAN AT THE TOP.
VB (4,2)
1. Jackson: JACKABYTE TOP TOTTY. Mahogany brindle, 11 ½ years young, in excellent condition for her age, she holds a lovely feminine head shape set with round eye, correct ear carriage, straight front and tight feet. She stood foursquare showing well on the move, worked well with her handler. A real show girl, today was her first time out for many years, she certainly had not forgot how it it’s done, lovely to see.
2. Reaney: SAXANJAX HEAD OVER HEELS AT ROLENSKA. Black brindle with white chest marking, white blaze down her face, another show girl, 10 years young and showed she was enjoying her day out. Lovely head shape good ear shape, dark eyes, correct bite and level topline. This girl worked well with her owner, wonderful to see the veterans, such a pleasure to judge.
MPB (2,1)
1. Fry’s: KIMSTAFF LADY SHIVVA. Black brindle with a white chest, a lovely puppy only her second time out and she took it in her stride, feminine head shape with rose ears, round eye, correct dentition, top line level when stacked, a little unsettled on the move, but with some encouragement from her lady handler this youngster did very well today.
PB (5,2) 
1. Freeman & Davies: SAMTAN DARK ANGEL AT WINDSTAFF. Black brindle and white chest marking, strength in her head but a good feminine expression, correct bite tight lipped, good ear placement, dark eyes. Ample rib for age, straight front, tight feet. Moved well for her handler. BEST PUPPY BITCH.
2. Heron: DILIRYSTAFF WICKED N WILD. Red bitch with white chest, presented in good condition, good head shape with correct bite, ears ok. Tight feet with dark nails, good bend of stifle and, a little restless when first moving but settled on her second walk. Moved ok.
JB (9,4)
1. Ullerflaen & Sem: CELUNAS KNOW IT ALL. Black brindle white stripe on chest, lovely condition with short coat, feminine head holding dark eyes and rose ears, good length of muzzle with correct dentition, well ribbed with nice tuck up, short coupled, correct bend of stifle. Level topline when stacked and when moving, showed well on full lead, handled very well.
2. Thompson: STAROLESTAFF LADY BEA WITH SIRIUSTAFF. Mahogany in colour, lovely feminine head with the darkest of eyes, rose ears, correct bite and tight lipped. Straight front and tight feet, correct bend of stifle with well-muscled thighs, held topline when stacked and on the move. Worked well with her handler.
YB (8,2)
1. Canavan: BOLDSTOCK AM I BOVVERED. Mahogany brindle, caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring, feminine head shape with the neatest of ears, dark round eyes offering a lovely expression, correct dentition with white teeth, clean tight lipped. Straight front with tight feet and dark nails. Good reach of neck flowing into correct shoulder placement flowing into good rib with a tuck up in loin, level topline, correct bend of stifle and presented in fit condition with a gleaming short coat, another that looked good from all angles, moved with ease. Well handled. BEST BITCH/BEST OPPOSITE SEX IN SHOW/RESERVE BEST IN SHOW.
MB (5,3)
1. Barke: FELKIRKSTAFF AT STARHAZE. Black brindle with white chest, feminine expression, not overdone, ears ok, round eye, topline level and on the move, presented in good condition, bite ok, tight feet and dark nails, moved well for her handler, would have preferred a little more spark.
2. Smart: ARNHEM OH SO SPICY. Red bitch with white chest marking, nice head shape with dark mask and round eye, ears ok, correct bite. Level topline, tight feet and good bend of stifle, with good muscle tone, not as strong as first place. moved well for her handler, very well handled.
NB (7,2)
2. Smart: BIGGLESWICK THAT’S ENUFF AT ARNHEM. Red bitch, good pigmentation, feminine head shape, finer overall than first place. dark eyes, ears ok, correct bite, stood four square, level topline which she held on the move. Presented in fit condition. Handled well.
PGB (6,4)
1. Birchall & Wall: QUATROS TOUCH OF CLASS. White colour with red marking on rear, nice head shape, not overdone, dark round eyes, ears ok, correct dentition and tight lipped, finer bitch, fit condition , moved well and worked well with her handler.
2. Campbell: GNOBULLS CEASER THE DAY BY DEROSALSTAFF. Red bitch with white chest, stronger in body than first place. Lovely head shape with round eyes, ears ok and correct bite, Straight front, dark nails, stood on full lead for handler, level topline, moved ok.
LB (6,2)
1. Desmond: ELITEBULL ELEGANCE J.W. Black brindle with white chest. Another quality bitch. Feminine head shape, with dark round eyes, clean lipped, good dentition, well placed rose ears. From this you move into a neck of correct length leading into well placed shoulders with a straight front with nice feet and dark nails, good rib, with a good bend of stifle, level topline when standing and on the move, have judged this girl before and she improves each time I see her. Handled very well. RESERVE BEST BITCH.
2. Molineux: MANARK SUMMER SOLSTICE AT DRUIDHAWK. Mahogany brindle, lovely expression with well-placed neat ears and round eye, correct bite, ample rib with nice tuck up on waist, short coat presented in good condition, moved and handled well.
OB (6,5)
1st Vuk Susic: KEGS ON LEGS FABULOUS DIVA. Black brindle, short coupled, good headpiece, strong but not overdone, correct bite with neat ears with good round dark eyes, straight front, ample rib. Short coat, correct topline, moved well and worked with her owner.
Judge: Julie Kemp-Hale