OPEN SHOW 19th JULY 2009


I would like to thank the officers and committee of The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club for giving me the opportunity to judge there open show, Thank you to the ring stewards for the first class job they done in looking after me and the ring, (and to stop the spectators from throwing stones at me) Also to the exhibitors and spectators for receiving my decisions in such a sporting manner. I very much enjoyed my day the atmosphere was tremendous.
I was pleased to find NO bad mouths and overall Dentition was very good.
1st Frost and Samby’s Sunnystone Wizard of Oz.
Brindle/White Standard size youngster who stood four square, nice head shape for one so young, Dark eye with typical expression, Straight in front with good topline, Backend as I would like at this age. Moved well and in first class condition. pleased to award B.P.D and B.P.I.S well done and well deserved.
2nd Marachowska and Marachowski’s Emperorstaff Hayabusa at Passernommen.
Top size Fawn/White dog Head still immature at 9 months but time is on his side, Dark eye, ears a bit untidy but hope they will settle as he matures, straight front, correct depth of brisket, slightly longer in back to 1st moved o.k.
3rd Hill’s Gwynford Jimi Hendrix.
4th Metcalf – Alport Locknload
PUPPY DOG 8 ent 1 abs.
1st Dewar’s Mintmar Just the Man.
Very Smart young Brindle and White Dog, Head of good proportion to body, dark eye, nicely set ear placement which enhanced his expression, Strong in muzzle with correct bite, tidy front, short coupled, When B.P.D was awarded I found it hard to spit these 2 but Movement on M.P.D just nicked it.
2nd Scarlett and Reid’s Ramblestaff Ebonezer Good.
Another standard B/B in lovely condition Strong but very clean in head with a good bite, Very nice expression well laid shoulders with nice straight front, Movement o.k very close decision between these 2 I would like to assess them again when they are fully Mature.
3rd Stokes Oxstoks Mr Boo.
Res. Willowstaff Black Marauder
VHC Kinswatstaff As If
1st Beaufoy’s Wyfare The Governor.
Red/White youngster of good proportions very clean in head and overall outline, Dark eye, Neat Ears, Correct length of muzzle, Strong underjaw with good bite, Straight front, Level topline when stacked and on the move, enough drop of Brisket, with good tail carriage, good bend of stifle, I would suggest a bit more road work to lift pasterns
2nd Dolphin’s Alport Tornado. 
B/B A very well put together young dog has the same Attributes of 1st but i would prefer a tad more stifle but still I think he has a bright future.
3rd Powell’s Ironbray’s Maximus Claudius.
Res Kalhol Dark Maruda
Vhc. Jamikastco Jumpin Jak Flash
1st Swift’s Longdrive Manhatton.
Brindle/White of correct shape and type, nothing overdone standard size, Muzzle to head length correct, dark eye, good clean bite, Good lay of shoulders which shows in his straight front, plenty of bone Maturing nicely look forward to seeing the finished article.
2nd Gibbin’s Crossguns Fred Astaire.
Top Size B/B dog slightly narrower in front and across the brisket than 1st which distracted from his front on assessment, stronger in head than I prefer but still tidy, dark eye and good bite, short coupled and good angulation, moved well.
3rd Clark’s Jucroc’s Sandras Red Sizzler.
Res. Hallsashron Jack The Lad
vhc. Kriskat Ace of Spades at Oxstocks
MAIDEN DOG 5 ent 1 abs.
1st Scarlett’s and Reid’s Ramblestaff Ebonezer Good.
2nd Lones Ducochstaff Eyeopener at Khanspride.
B/B Nice head with dark eye and correct bite, stood four square and moved well, just preferred length of leg and substance of 1st.
3rd Watkins Kinswatstaff As If.
NOVICE DOG 6 ent.(3 absent)
1st Marachowska and Marachowski’s Kalhols Black Magic at Passernomen.
B/B standard dog in lovely tip top condition, strong head without exaggeration, correct eye set with dark eye with plenty of eye cover, good pigmentation, well laid shoulders leading into good depth of brisket, short coupled and powerful backend, moved with drive. won his class with ease. I predict a bright future for this young dog. pleased to awarded him R.B.D. well done.
2nd Lone’s Ducochstaff Eyeopener at Khanspride.
3rd Clark’s Jucrocs Sandras Red Sizzler.
POST GRADUATE DOG 7 ent (1 abs).
1st Saunt’s Alport Hurricane.
B/B standard size dog, Nice head shape well proportioned, correct ear carriage, dark eye, good length of muzzle to head, and enough under jaw, good bite, Length of neck balanced out overall assessment of front, with equal length of leg, short coupling and nice spring of rib, nice tuck up at loin, moved well.
2nd Rastall and Durham’s Marimna Ahead in Line.
Well balanced B/B with tidy head with correct proportions, good ear carriage dark eye, good length to muzzle, balanced in overall structure a very sound dog only 2nd to condition of 1st which i preferred.
3rd Houwaarts Old Crossguns Mac Na Diabhl
Res. Price’s Prince Picasso
LIMIT DOG 6ent 2 ab.
1st Watkins Kinswatstaff Good Fella j.w
B/B Top size dog in fit hard condition strong headed with lovely dark well placed eye, neat ears, powerful muzzle which housed a lovely clean bite, straight front and balanced length of leg, enough spring of rib, good tuck up at loin plenty of stifle and a good mover.
2nd Hyde’s Sedgbred Samsson.
another top size boy who was of excellent proportions, very nice head and clean in muzzle lovely bite, I like this dog very much but his eye could have been a bit darker which detracted from his expression close decision between them.
3rd Summer’s Jewelstaff Kubia Chan.
Res. Price’s Prince Picasso
OPEN DOG 6ent 4 abs.
1st Mcgrath’s Jajca Phoenix form the Flame.
What a cracker Red dog that demands attention up to size and well balanced, strong but clean in head and muzzle, well placed ears, dark eye which enhanced his expression, dark mask, good bite, good reach of neck leading into well placed shoulders, straight front, tight feet, good depth to brisket, nice spring of rib,short enough in coupling to balance out lenght of leg, exalent backend with nice pump handle tail, well muscled hams moved well and with drive.Handler is at one with his charge and gets the very best out of him, B.D and B.O.S in show. Well done.
2nd Woollett’s Ashstock Red Miller JW
Standard Red dog who I have judged before Correct head shape with nice rose ears, Dark eye, good lenght of muzzle and dark mark, very smart well balanced dog with same attributes as 1st lost out on his ring presence unfortunate to come up against winner on the day.never the less still a cracking red.
1st Rhodes..Teracota The Heathen.
Brindle Lad of 9 but still the mind of a 4year old, up on his toes and in great nick, coat in good order and very little grey on muzzle. Both Veterans have my up most respect and thanks to you Gents for giving me the privilege of going over them.
1st Woolliscroft.. Hillanvale Orange Princess.
Red bitch still very much a baby, Dark eye with a keen expression and good pigment which made for a pleasing head, correct bite, good front, developing nicely.
2nd Kendrick’s Gadkeys Black Pearl.
B’Brindle Stronger all over than winner, good head shape,clean front, level topline, moved well.
3rd Hallard’s Camilla Rhodes.
Res. Kent’s Domaine Juliette
PUPPY BITCH  5ent  (2abs.)
1st Nortons.. Mintmar Look Again for Tikkurilan.
Standard B/Brindle bitch with good muzzle to scull proportions, good bite, dark eye, neat well placed ears giving a typical expression, level topline and nice tuck up at loin, good backend both standing and on the move, a very smart bitch. pleased to award B.P.B.
2nd Smith and Cox and Wagstaff’s.. Willowstaff Barbed Tonge.
B’Brindle Bit more daylight under this young bitch but just preferred bone on winner, no exaggeration in head with nice length to muzzle good bite, dark eye, correct ear placement, straight front and level topline, moved well.
3rd Woolett’s..Amystaff Magic Flame.
JUNIOR BITCH  6ent (3abs.)
1st Bowler’s..Bethane Modjadji at Trelynbow.
B’Brindle standard bitch very clean around muzzle with correct bite, Pleasing head shape, dark eye and good rose ears, Straight front with tight feet, short in coupling with nice spring of rib, level topline moved and handled well.
2nd Motley and Clarke’s.. Jucrocs Rescued Red.
Red/White Very nice bitch that is top size lovely dark eye with good pigment, correct bite with dark mask, good depth of brisket, plenty of bone, level topline and well muscled hams, moved well.
3rd Swift and Wall’s Leading Lady Rose.
1st Motley and Clarke’s Jucrocs Rescued Red.
2nd Burch and Hood’s Cool Black Breeze.
B/’Brindle Very strong in head and muzzle, dark eye, straight front with ample bone, level topline held on the move, very strong backend moved o.k
1st Burch and Hood’s Cool Black Breeze.
This was the best class of the day all 4 bitches was of the best quality and in the end I was just nit picking.
1st Parker’s Rumrourke Rubiwax of Nettleworth.
A cracking standard B/Brindle bitch with no exaggeration what so ever Lovely clean head and muzzle housing a perfect bite, Dark eye with plenty of eye cover, neat ears giving a typical expression good reach of neck leading into a straight front, tight feet with short black nails, good depth to brisket and enough spring of rib, short in coupling, good tuck up at loin leading into well muscled hams, level topline correct tail set, nice bend at stifle, as hard as nails, lovely bitch B.B and B.I.S well done.
2nd Bouter-Feenstra’s…Old Crossguns Dearbhail Diabhl……aj00566nld.
This B/Brindle bitch held all the same attributes as winner, in beautiful condition, short close coat that was gleaming, just lost out to winner on hardness, a pleasure to go over she is a credit to you.
3rd Turner’s.. Tidystaff Firecracker.
Res Foster & Macdonald Tusselstaff Black Fury
LIMIT BITCH 9ent 2abs.
1st Manito’s.. Dynastaff Miss Complex.
Another quality B/Brindle bitch lots to like about her, nice feminine head clean and well proportioned, dark eye and clean bite, rose ears that are used to enhance her lovely expression, good length in leg, plenty of brisket, correct shoulder placement giving a nice straight front, level topline good spring of rib, backend balances out her overall outline, stood four square, I feel this bitch is now coming into her own a credit to the owner.
2nd Bowler’s.. Trelynbow Sedona Sunset.
B/Brindle Dark eye, neat ears, good bite, stronger in the head than winner but still clean, good reach of neck, plenty of bone, moved well, carrying a bit to much weight on the day hence the placing.
3rd Stoke’s Lucky Lucy Las at Oxstoks.
Res.Beaufoy’s Wyrefare Cleopatra
VHC Martin’s Lisas Lucky Charm at Alvis
OPEN BITCH 11ent 3abs.
1st Bouter-Feenstra’s..Old Crossguns I Salute You…ag00373nld.
B/Brindle another in tip top condition, lovely clean balanced head of correct proportions, muzzle strong but clean with ample underjaw, good bite, dark round eye with neat ears, pronounced cheek bumps, correct shoulder placement giving a true straight front, depth of brisket balanced out length of leg, nice body shape when viewed from above, powerful backend with hard muscled hams, good bend of stifle and well let down at hocks, glided up the mat with ease and purpose, a very well deserved 1st and R.B.I.S a very close decision for B.I.S just lost out on hardness.
2nd Lowe and Hedges..Ramblix Revisionist at Khanspride J.W.
B/Brindle I really liked this girl clean in head and muzzle, neat tidy ears, good bite, well proportioned body, stood four square, from all angles she gave a overall balanced picture I was very disappointed with her condition, on another day these placings could change, I feel that if a bit more roadwork was put into this bitch she could trouble the best.
3rd Smith and Cox…Willowstaff Barbed Wire.
Res. Walkers’sTiptoe Red Lady at Janikastco
VHC Kincla’s Alcnik Rosa Parks JW
Brett Lay