The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Championship Show
Sunday 12 November 2023
Bitch Judge Laureen Williams
I would like to take this opportunity to thank our parent club for their invitation to judge at their prestigious show, I take that as a huge honour. Thank you to all who entered under me as a replacement judge, again a huge honour. Every show depends on you the exhibitors, without you all we have no shows, its you who keep the shows going replacement judges are to be found anywhere. YOU are the life blood of the hobby and our breed, long may you continue to support our breed at breed club and general shows, we can only dream, hope, all shows can attract such numbers as this club does.
Congratulations to your hard working committee on a fantastic show, the prizes for the winning dogs and bitches were amazing I must also mention the caterers the reception was warm and welcoming and the meal lovely, compliments to the chef.
To my two ring stewards, Lesley and Shaun you were a huge help, thank you so much for all you did on the day, your company and wisdom was a great asset to the smooth running of our ring especially the mopping Shaun.
Now the judge bit . I was surprised by how many of the bitches were soft, with very little muscle tone. I found short sternums and in the older classes lack of spring of rib.
Narrow fronts were evident in most classes. Neat ears and tail set are also on the wane. I found some tight nares but none closed, no breathing issues were evident. Teeth on the whole were very good with the odd misplaced one or two but nothing of concern and no converging canines . Temperament was superb in all classes.
CC,best bitch and best in show (on the referee Mr Jack Coats decision) went to Ch Delacour Sweetest Taboo for Idyllicstaff JW. She was my star of the day. She has a lovely profile, she was in hard condition, sparkling brindle and white pied, she has a beautiful head and expression with dark round eyes, and neat well placed ears, she looks right at you with an air of confidence, she has a well boned front with tight well padded feet, she is well ribbed with correct fore chest and correct length of sternum, she is short coupled, with well muscled hindquarters, she has a good tail set, she moved parallel, with drive, she has that Stafford attitude that’s sadly disappearing from our breed, congratulations she’s beautiful.
Res CC was second to the above . Sharmara Patronus Charm, Mahogany brindle, she is a little longer than 1st and is finer ,she has a sweet feminine head and expression with dark eyes and neat ears ,she also has a good well boned front with fore chest and width, she has correct length of sternum, she has spring of rib and well muscled hind quarters, she also moved with drive with her tail carried correctly. Congratulations .
Best veteran bitch and best veteran in show was Ch Rochlawie Bonnie Lass Black brindle girl who is in sparkling condition, she has a lovely head shape, with dark eyes and neat ears she has a well boned front with forechest and correct length of sternum she stood on good feet and she has lovely spring of rib, she is short coupled, with strong well muscled hind quarters her movement was better than some of the younger girls, congratulations she’s a credit to you.
Best puppy bitch was Matrixstaff’s Star Dancer, black brindle with a well shaped head and dark eyes, her ears are not her fortune at the moment, she has good bone, with nice forechest and length to her sternum ,she is well ribbed, short coupled ,she has a level top line and moved well for a youngster . In the challenge for best puppy the dog had better hind movement. Congratulations .
VB (11,3)
2nd Jackson’s CH JACKABYTE MISS MONEYPENNY JW. Another fit girl who was in lovey condition, strong headed bitch with dark eyes and neat ears, she has good bone, she has well sprung rib and good muscle tone , I preferred the top line on the move of 1st.
3rd Robinson, Robinson-Cox & Cox’s STUDSTAFF SUGAR AND SPICE OF HAMASON JW ShCM.
MPB (17,1)
1st John’s LLANSTAFFS ETERNITY. B/B with good head shape, dark eyes and nice expression she has enough bone, fore chest and rib for her age , she is short coupled and has nicely developing muscles on her hind quarters she moved confidently.
2nd Scanlan’s DRINGSHAW TRANQUILITY AMONG PANTYCELYN. She an eye catcher this little one, she is a bigger pup than first and she is longer cast, she has a pleasing head shape with dark eyes her front is straight and she has good bone she’s a lovely shape with muscles developing on her hind quarters .
PB (14,1)
2nd Page’s KARWILLAGE PAINT IT BLACK. Who is a longer cast bitch and taller than 1, she was in a gleaming coat she has a well shaped head with dark eyes, she not as developed as 1 ,she has nicely developing rib she didn’t have the bend of stifle of 1 today.
3rd Gallagher’s ALSHANCORN SAYS WHO.
Res Winrow & Greaves’ JAYNEZE MISS ATTITUDE.
JB (15,3)
1st Maskell’s DEKAYRO SHE’S LIKE THE WIND. B/B who is in fit condition, her coat was shining, she has a good head shape with dark eyes, she has a well boned front she stood on well padded feet, she has width and and length to her sternum, she also has good rib and hindquarters .
2nd Ibsen’s KEEPASTAFF THE SKY KEEPER (Dnk). She has a pleasant head shape with good expression dark eyes and neat ears, she has a well boned front with enough width ,she has correct rib, she is little longer than 1 and she moved a little close behind today .
3rd Houwaart’s JECANIBO’S INNER SMILE (Nld).
YB (10,2)
Res Lloyd-Williams’ CWMHÂF CARIAD.
NB (11,1)
1st Fletcher’s NEW PERFORMER AT FLETCHSTAFF. B/B who has a head of nice proportions, she has dark eyes, good front and bone, she has neat feet, she has enough width to her forechest and length to her sternum, she has well muscled hind quarters and correct tail set.
2nd Seymour’s DEKAYRO ALL EYES ON ME. B/B who is nice condition she has a well shaped head with neat ears and dark eye, she has good bone and neat feet, she has a wide front with good length of sternum she is a little longer than first, she moved with drive with correct tail set .
3rd Green’s ZAFIRO STAFF EUROPA (Imp Esp).
GB (15,2)
1st Rochelle KIRSTAFF DOLLY’S DAREDEVIL AT METALBULL. Smart red who has a lovely expression, she has neat, well placed ears and dark eyes and enough fore face, she has a good front which is well boned, she has correct length to her sternum and has well sprung rib and she is short coupled, her hind quarters were well muscled. She moved well with correct tail carriage.
2nd Taylor’s NIATONA SISSY THAT WALK. Another with a melting expression she has lovely proportions to her head with enough length of fore face dark eyes and neat ears she has lovely bone with nice width to her forechest she has length to her sternum and well sprung ribs she is just a bit longer than first .
PGB (10)
1st Cartwright’s ELITEBULL SKYEFALL JW. B/b with enough head to muzzle ratio, she has the darkest eyes and neat ears, she has a well boned front with enough width, she has good length to her sternum with well spring ribs, she is short coupled with nice muscle tone she moved with purpose
2nd Price’s DILIRYSTAFF LOVE ME TENDER. Red with good expression she has dark eyes, she has enough bone and she has a good length to her sternum she has good rib and is short coupled with enough bend to her stifle prepared the fore face and hind movement of 1st today.
Res Robinson, Robinson-Cox & Cox’s HAMASON BELL O’THE BALL.
LB (19,4)
1st Arntzen & Kendall’s CATSTAFF’S START ME UP (Nor). B/b of lovely make and shape ,she has a feminine expression with dark eyes and he head is in proportion she has neat ears ,she has a good neck and shoulders her front is well boned and her front is correct she has a good length to her sternum with depth and spring of rib,she held her topline on the move along with her tail set .
2nd Crawford’s NORTHSTAFF BAY BOMBER FOR CROWSTAFF JW. Finer type to 1 she has a lovely expression with dark eyes and neat ears she has an intent look at you, looking at her, she has a good front she has spring of rib and is short coupled and has enough bend of stifle, she stood on tight feet and carried her tail correctly.
OB (14,1)
1st Arntzen & McDermott’s CATSTAFF’S SAY GOODBYE (Nor). This girl has a lovely head with a keen expression, her ears are correct and her eyes dark,she has good bone and and width to her correct front, she has spring of rib with length to her sternum, she is short coupled and has well mucled hind quarters, she stood on neat well padded feet and moved well.
2nd Turley’s CH LOYALSTAFF BELLA BAMBINA AT EASTREET. B/B this girl has more all over than 1st, she’s a strong headed girl with dark eyes and neat well placed ears she has good bone with correct forechest and length to her sternum ,she is short coupled with well muscled hind quarters she moved well, with a level topline and carried her tail well.
Laureen Williams (Jodel)

 Dog Judge Paul Wilkinson.
I would like the thank the members for the invite to judge dogs at the SBT Championship Show.
Thank you for a very nice entry of 103 dogs making 113 entries. Thank you to the club for providing the ramp which I had requested I think it was very successful and many commented on the use of it on the day, with only 5 exhibits not using the ramp. I myself found the ramp very useful as it was easy to see the length of leg to body, and underline ratio at eye level. I personally believe the ramp would be beneficial for the breed in the future especially outside shows with long grass, uneven surfaces etc.,
I found the dogs in pretty good condition and muscle tone overall, but, I also found we are losing breed points and that being very poor ears, the standard calls for rose ears or half pricked ears, ears being thick heavy and incorrect carriage of the ear, incorrect eye shape, breed standard calls for a medium round eye not almond and small size eyes, this totally changes the expression of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Another major concern is very small teeth.
Incorrect toplines, the standard calls for a level back not sloping, not falling away at the Croop, and tails are very high set, and the standard calls for a low set tail, carried like an old fashioned pump handle.
Alot of dogs too short in sternum and cut up too quickly giving an exaggerated underline.
Another point is overhandling of the dogs, the standard says straight front with feet turning out slightly, why handlers persist in turning the feet in, putting the shoulders out, and trying to make more of the front than they have, spoils some very nice dogs, with all the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Handling Clubs up and down the country surely they should be correcting this form of handling with the dogs fronts.
All this criticism is meant in a positive way, breeders and judges should be looking at these points that make a Stafford, because the true type will disappear and just be another bull breed.
This show was my final show judging Staffordshire Bull Terriers.
Veteran Dog
1st Ch Biggleswick Splash of Ginge
A red dog very nice size, good head shape, very good mouth, excellent underjaw, good bone, nice feet, well ribbed body, with a level topline good tail set, strong quarters, moved with drive, held a lovely shape in profile.
2nd Ch Bellarouge Adonis At Ferfiestaffs JW
Red & White dog. top sized dog, a powerful well shaped head, nice eye, in excellent body condition, excellent hind quarters, moved soundly, preferred the top line and size of winner.
3rd Alport Hallo Man
Nice shaped head with a good eye, good neck, short back, preferred the balance of winner and the hind quarters of 2nd another dog in very nice condition.
Minor Puppy Dog
1st Marstaff Lone Ranger
Top size puppy, beautiful head shape, very clean in muzzle, good eye, nice ear set, short strong neck for his age, straight front, well boned, good length of rib, short loin, very good hind quarters, nice turn of stifle, moved very sound fore and aft, in excellent condition, Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy In Breed
2nd Bonny Highland Lad
B/B nice size, clean in head, nice muzzle, good teeth, round eye giving a good expression, nice front, quality bone, short in back, good top line and tail set, well made quarters, good turn of stifle in nice body weight, moved soundly a little coarse in coat at this age
3rd Tillcarr Fire Soldier
B/B dog, excellent head shape with correct eye, nice length of muzzle, strong under jaw, excellent bite, good bone, handler persisted in turning the feet in spoiling the front, good top line & under line, nice quarters with a good turn of stifle, moved well, just needs time to body.
Puppy Dog
1st Dusklight Ice Ice Baby
Brindle pied dog, nice size youngster, nicely balanced, with a good head shape, lovely eye giving a nice expression, excellent bone & good feet, powerful neck, level topline, and good underline, short coupling, good hind quarters for age, moved well fore and aft, kept his shape in profile.
2nd Fergiestaffs Polar Bear
Attractive red & white pied, top size youngster, quality head, good eye, powerful muzzle, excellent bite, giving a super expression, good straight front, powerful short neck thickening well into the shoulders, well ribbed up body, nice topline, but, a very high tail set, well muscled quarters, and well let down in hock, moved well up and back, high tail set spoilt his outline when moving in profile.
3rd Kalostaff Es Lo Que Es
Brindle dog, nice type all round nice shoulders, great topline and underline, nice head and expression, moved OK preffered the hind quarters of 1 & 2 another dog that needs time to mature.
Junior Dog
1st Kamaristaffs Royal Ransom At Bowtman JW
Black Dog, Strong powerful dog for his age, excellent head shape, with a lovely round dark eye, good muzzle, excellent nostrils, super under jaw, excellent bite, strong big teeth, giving an overall excellent expression, short powerful thick neck, OK through the shoulder, good width of chest, good round bone, feet OK, well sprung rib with a good depth of chest, well muscled hind quarters, short coupled, level back, just falls away a little at the croup, excellent hind quarters, well muscled excellent 2n thigh, moved soundly fore and aft, this is the best coated Stafford I have ever seen or judged any where a credit to his owner pushed hard for the CC. Reserve CC today.
2nd Skyland Imperial JW
B/B dog, nice shaped head, good round eye, neat ears, good neck and front, good length of rib, short loin, strong hind quarters moved soundly, not the hind quarters of 1st or the condition, moved fore and aft OK, carries his tail high spoils him in profile
3rd Sikaistaff Black Barrel.
B/B nice size dog, lovely clean head shape, correct eye, good bite & depth of muzzle, clean through the front, in nice body weight, well made quarters, well let down hock, needs to settle on the move, not at one with his handler.
Yearling Dog
1st Waystaff Strikes First Azi
R/W dog, very good head shape, good depth of muzzle, big nostrils, great underjaw, correct eye, excellent stop, good cheek bumps, giving a truly great expression, powerful neck, thickening into a good shoulder, good length of rib, short coupled, level topline, correct tail set, moved well with powerful hind quarters, lovely round bone, held his shape well in profile, must have a bright future.
2nd Highbourne Lordofthedance At Knockon (ai) (imp Aust)
Brindle/W dog, with a balanced outlook, tidy head, nice expression, good neck, well ribbed body, short coupled, well made quarters with well made stifles, and well let down hock, moved soundly, not the tail set of winner, spoils his profile movement a dog turned out in nice condition.
3rd Big Man On Mac Dui Shawrigg JW
Red/Dog, Top size dog, alot to like good head and eye, he was a sound mover, stood on good legs and feet, needs more time to mature.
Novice Dog
1st Diana’s Diamond Don Quixote
B/B dog correct size, OK in head, good eye & mouth, OK for bone, would like better feet, short backed, would like a little better upper arm, moved OK, could have more extension in profile, and have a little more spark.
2nd Dilirystaff Sauvage At Calrolo
Red dog, good head shape, great eye, neat ears, good depth of muzzle and under jaw, good bite, OK in shoulder, good bone, would like better feet, nails need attention ASAP. short backed dog good quarters, very tense when going over him, has well made quarters, spoils himself in shape for being so tense, he moved soundly.
3rd Kalostaff Es Lo Que Es see puppy dog.
Graduate Dog
1st Niatona Beetle Crusher
R/W dog, in very nice condition, nice head shape, has a good neck and front, good ribs, nice topline, another one with a high tail set, moved well, lovely skin and coat.
2nd Dekayro Peaky Blinder
B/B lovely head, great eye, not the ears of 1st turned out in nice order, had a good front, powerful neck, good top line, well muscled quarters, moved a little close in rear, OK in front.
3rd Elitebull Mischief At Bellastaff JW
B/B good head shape, would like a little more strength of muzzle, lovely eye, well ribbed up body, good front, good depth of chest, moved OK, shown well, good profile
Post Graduate Dog
1st Fairlenium Iron King At Canisstaff
Brindle & White dog, strong head, good eye and ears, very nice mouth, strong muzzle, good neck & nice shoulder, nice bone, another one whos nails need attention, well ribbed body with a level topline, good turn of stifle, well made quarters, moved soundly nice coat condition.
2nd Dekayro Peaky Blinder see Graduate dog
3rd Dilirystaff Calypso Jack
Red White Dog, topsize, very impressive head, lovely round eye, neat in ear, good muzzle powerful under jaw, excellent bite, giving a great expression, good bone, nice legs and feet, could be a little wider in chest, in excellent body condition, powerful quarters, moved very soundly.
Limit Dog
1st Scoutor Rogue One JW
Brindle Dog well balanced dog with substance, wonderful head shape, powerful muzzle, great under jaw, very good eye, great nostrils, tidy ear, giving a great expression, short thick neck widening towards good shoulders, best shoulders of the day for me, well ribbed up. with a good spring of rib, short coupling, level top line and good tail set, leading to well muscled hind quarters, good 2nd thigh, well let down hocks, lovely round bone, with excellent well padded feet, moved with drive, super profile, Dog CC winner
2ndEarthquake Staffs Wear It Well At Tigerbull (Imp Esp)
White/Red patch, very nice dog, with a well shaped head, dark eye, neat ears, good muzzle correct bite, good cheek bumps, nice neck, straight front, good bone, tidy feet, level top line, good rear quarters, nice turn of stifle, very well let down hocks, nice coat and skin, moved well in front, a little close in rear. Not seen the best of this dog yet needs to mature on a little more, a dog to watch for the future, a dog I am sure will elevate to the upper house.
3rd Kamaristaffs Royal Rumour JW
B/B dog, a top size dog, another good headed dog with a nice expression, excellent eye, good width of muzzle and under jaw, short thick neck, in good body weight, good length of rib, another with level topline but falls away at the croup, good hind quarters, good turn of stifle, well let down hocks, pins a little in front movement, moved away well, looses out in profile because of steepness in croup.
Open Dog
A hard class to judge due to differing type and size of dogs
1st Ch Dringshaw Athos JW
Red/white pied dog, a top size dog, with a cracking head, deep through wonderful stop, excellent eye, neat ears, powerful muzzle, with a great expression, very good front, excellent shoulders, powerful neck, level topline, well ribbed up body, well muscled hind quarters, in excellent condition, moved very well fore and aft, super profile, lost out today on top honours for size & coupling.
2nd Waystaff Strikes Mayhem (Al)
Red/white pied dog, a good headed dog, with good cheek bumps, excellent eye, powerful muzzle good under jaw, powerful bite, good nose nostrils, strong neck, OK through the shoulder, lovely bone, and nice feet, level topline, good under line, strong well muscled quarters with good turn of stifle and short well let down hock, moved OK fore and aft, nice profile with topline and well carried tail, pushed 1st very close.
3rd Ch Niatona Arlo Coombes
Red/white dog, well balanced dog, OK in head, nice eye and ears, preferred the strength of muzzle of 1st and 2nd good shoulder, level top line, well sprung ribs and well ribbed up with a good under line, short coupled, well muscled quarters, another well let down in hock, moved freely with drive, nice profile, another with a good coat and skin.
Many thanks once again to all exhibitors, and good luck to the future to all.