The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club members Limited Show – 6/2/16

Judge: – Nigel Davies (Braunstaff).

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity by thanking the Officers, and committee members for inviting me to judge for this prestigious club, it was an honour and a pleasure to fulfil my duties.
Secondly I would also like to thank Friends who came to support me, it was much appreciated.
Next to my stewards for being so professional, in keeping everything running so smoothly.
Lastly and by no means least to all exhibitors who braved the treacherous weather conditions in making this day so special for me.
There were a couple of dogs with bad mouths. That said the overall standard of the dogs were high. Most notably was especially pleasing as my Best puppy bitch, and also my Best puppy in show winner were very good specimens. It’s nice to know the breed is in safe hands for the future.
Class 1, Veteran dog: – No entries.
Class 2, Minor Puppy dog: – Duffield, 1/6/15. Brindle pied dog. I felt this dog when matured would be too big for the breed standard! This dog had no faults apart from his size.
Class 3, Puppy dog: – 1st. Biggleswick Splash of Ginge .28/3/15 Lewis- A 10 month old red dog with a white chest. Fantastic head, correct bite, distinct stop, dark eye, neat rose ears, straight front. His rib cage is starting to develop. He had a level top-line, well tucked in on the loins, His first and second thigh were muscling up nicely, good bend of stifle, well let down in the Hocks. Very well handled went onto take Best Puppy in Show.
2nd. Studstaff Flaming Glory 12/3/15 Studley. Another 10 month old red dog with a white chest and white socks that fitted the breed standard, only lost out to the winner in this class because I felt his head shape was quite so good. That said, neat rose ears, dark eyes with a dark muzzle, a strong neck leading down to a level top-line rib cage and leg muscles are starting to develop nicely.
Class 4. Junior dog – 1st. Druidhawk God of war 4/11/14 Emmett Black brindle. The first thing I noticed about this dog was his punishing head shape, very fit, neat ears, cheek muscles are starting to come, straight front, good bend of stifle, tail set low. Well handled.
2nd. Briganah Indeed I do. 20/1/15 Roberts, Black bridle with a white chest white socks, just preferred the head shape of the winner in this class. He had a lovely shiny coat. Possessed all the good attributes of the breed standard. Maybe the dog and the handler would benefit from some ring-craft classes??
3rd. Rowellstaff ooh aar Cantona.
Class 5 Yearling dog:- 1st. Kyraloebis The bogus Man at Trelynbow. 17/4/14. Bowler. This dog fitted the breed standard to a treat. What a beautiful head shape. Dark eye. Neat ears, good bite, deep chest, level top-line nice bend in the stifle, altogether a very well balanced dog. Went onto take Reserve best dog
2nd.Kylestaff Muddy water 22/6/14. Dean, this dog was unfortunate to have met this dog in the same class. Probably not so well balanced but has all the right attributes of the breed standard. The owner obviously gives this dog a lot of road work because he was put down in front of me in extremely fit condition.
Class6. Maiden dog:- 1st. Briganah Indeed I do. came 2nd. In class4 Junior Dog.
2nd. Rowellstaff Ooh Aar Cantona came 3rd. in Junior dog.2nd. 18/1/15 Clark, Red dog with a white chest, good strong head, mouth could have been better. Having said that this dog had a punishing head, tight rose ears, well pronounced cheek muscles, deep brisket, straight front, well sprung ribs, with a level top-line, well handled.Class 7. Novice dog:- 1st. Bullbrothers Fifth Element. 8/6/13 Martinez Black brindle, white chest, white paws. Nice compact dog very well balanced, correct bite, good head, distinct stop, good length of muzzle, neat ears, level top-line good spring of rib. Very fit.
2nd.Briganah indeed I do.
Class 8. Post Graduate dog:- 1st. Manark Fast and Furious 13/4/13. Heron, Dark brindle with a white flash on his chest. Very fit dog all credit due to his owner. Cracking head shape, would have preferred a slightly darker eye, having said that this dog fitted the breed standard well, neat rose ears, very pronounced cheek muscles, good scissor bite, hindquarters were very muscular on the first and second thigh. Nice bend of stifle, hocks well let down. Handled well.
2nd. Happy Daze 3/3/14 Nock, Black brindle, another dog with a punishing head shape this really was a strong class unfortunate to have met the winner in this class I just preferred the top-line on the first dog, really well handled.
Class 9, Limit dog:- 1st. Garforth King 8/9/11 Davis, Black brindle with a dark eye, well balanced dog, up on the leg, moved well. Fitted the breed standard lovely, stood and handled fantastic she really got the best out of this dog. Nice rose ear, good head shape, straight front, slight turn on the pasterns, with a level top-line in a fit condition.
2nd. Manark Murphy’s Law 24/3/13 Grove, this was really a tough decision to make. The only reason this dog lost out to the winner was because I would have preferred to have seen more of him. Displayed all the right attributes of the breed standard.
Class 10. Open dog:-1st. Jefmor Eye of the Tiger. 1/8/13 Ford, Wow what a cracker this dog is. He won Best dog, Best Opposite sex, Reserve best in show. Black brindle with a white chest, top size dog, displayed plenty of spirit, beautiful head shape, dark eye, deep brisket, straight front, well sprung ribs, level top-line, nice bend of stifle, muscular thighs.
2nd. the man at the top. 11/4/11 Hubble, Red dog, black muzzle white chest, strong head shape, this dog was un-lucky to meet the winner in this class, just lost out to the winner because he had a better spring in the ribs.
Class11. Veteran Bitch:- 1st. Jackabyte Top Totty 9/5/04 Jackson, Black brindle, This old lady was a credit to the owner, she was in superb condition, dark eye, nice head shape, straight front, level top-line, moved well in the ring.
2nd. Dilirystaff diamond Girl 12/9/08 Heron. Red, Lost out to the winner because she had a slightly better head shape. That aside she was also in good condition, very fit, fitted the breed standard well.
Class 12. Minor Puppy bitch:- 1st.Joemikeste Play the Game 16/5/15 Butler, Black Brindle with a white chest Neat rose ears, beautiful head shape, correct bite, in fact beautiful all over. I predict a bright future for this dog, went onto take Best Puppy Bitch.
2nd. Duffman She’s a cracker. Black brindle- pied. 1/6/15 Duffield, another nice bitch correct bite, good head shape, level top line moved and handled well.
Class13. Puppy bitch. Biggleswick Fifty Fifty. 28/3/15 McKimm, Red white chest white socks. Powerful head, good bite, straight front , brisket is starting to develop, Level top-line,nice bend in stifle well let down in the hocks.
2nd.Studstaff Sugar and spice of Hanson. 12/3/15 Studley, red, white chest. Another good example of the breed, I might have preferred a better stop, but I’m just being “picky”
Class 14. 1st.Junior Bitch. Leebees Luxurius of Magicgem 23/1/15 Merrick & Hammond Red bitch dark muzzle This dog was handled to perfection. Stood four square, moved well fitted nicely in the breed standard.
2nd. Studstaff Sugar & spice came 2nd also in puppy bitch.
Class 15 Yearling bitch:-1st.Caramel rose Princess 24/3/14 Anderson, Mahogany brindle Beautiful head shape, nice rose ears, dark eye, Distinct stop, straight front, deep brisket, level top-line, would have preferred a bit more rib, but this dog was put down in a very fit condition.
2nd. Cocoa sapphire. 4/8/14 Groves and Vincent. Blue with white markings. Fitted the breed standard well but wasn’t as fit as the winner.
Class 16 Maiden Bitch:- 1st.Jayalix Rule Britannia 29/12/14 Andrews, Fawn and white. Would have preferred a broader head to balance the body, expertly handled but fitted in the breed standard well.
2nd. Arnhem Ur Avin It.
Class17 Novice Bitch:- 1st. Arnhem Ur Avin It,16/11/08 Smart, good head shape, correct bite, straight front, dark eye, only just lost out in the previous class, well handled.
Class 18. Post Graduate Bitch, Arnhem Nice as Ninepence, 9/12/13 Hedges, red with white chest, what a cracker this dog is, I found it very difficult to fault this dog I wanted to take it home. Beautiful head, distinct stop, dark eye, correct angulations, level top-line, nice spring of rib. What more can I say about this dog? Awarded Best Bitch, and Best in Show.
2nd.Kimstaffs Kiara 26/9/13 Kimber Black Brindle Not as good head shape as the winner but still a lovely dog, compact short coupled.
Class19 Limit bitch:-1st. Arnhem Nice as Ninepence.
2nd.Kimstaff’s Kiara
Class 20 Open Bitch:-1st. Arnhem nice as Ninpence.
2nd.BiggleswickThat’s Enuffat Arnhem, 16/2/12 Smart red dog very alert showing lots of spirit. Well done to the handler for getting the best out of her.