First of all can I express my sincere appreciation to the Committee and Members of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club for nominating, electing and inviting me to give my opinion on their breed, it was an honour and a proud privilege to be able to judge and I thank all the exhibitors for entering and the sporting way my decisions were received.   
1. Enfield & Ingram’s Pitstars Romper Stomper. 7 mths old and maturing and developing nicely, head still to finish but in good proportions, nice profile, clean front with well placed shoulders and nice feet turnout, tended to be overstretched at times which detracted from topline and rear quarters, moved with ease. Best Dog Puppy.
PUPPY DOG (2.1) 
1. Hill & Smart’s Gwynford Jimi Hendrix. More forward type with good mouth and underjaw and tight lips, solid type throughout, close coupled and well bodied, not as free on the move in rear action.
1. Scarlett & Reid’s Ramblestaff Ebenezoor Good. Smart young dog but not always helping himself by not using ears which occasionally spoiled expression, nice dark eye, muscular neck, deep brisket and well sprung ribs, won class on better movement.
2. Stokes’ Oxstoks Mister Boo. Nicely balanced dog, good outline from front and side views, strength without coarseness, moved soundly but not as true and free as 1.
3. Kirkland’s Lordstaff Sir Germaine. YD (1) 1. Watkins’ Valglo Equiliser. 19 mth black dog of nice size, strong shoulders, well set tail.
Yearling Dog (1)
1. Watkins’ Valglo Equiliser. 19 mth black dog of nice size, strong shoulders, well set tail.
1. Gibbins’ Crossguns Fred Astaire. Little up on the leg and would prefer a little more strength in muzzle, won class on overall movement and soundness.
2. Parlett’s Wardwelstaff Badgers Best. Nice size and body, giving overall pleasing type, but not settling when asked to move which spoilt chances.
1. Clarke’s Jucrocs Sandras Red Sizzler. Red dog of larger type and strong made throughout, but in balance and proportion.
2. Lindon-Evans’ Alport Fire Chief. Good basic type with lots to admire, but would not help himself standing or on the move, more schooling would improve future chances. 3. V Equaliser.
1. Powell’s Ironbrays Maximus Claudius. Just out of Junior and deserving of his win today, very satisfied with overall good honest type, no exaggerations or coarseness in any department, cleancut, power and substance in right size, head shape and size complimented overall type. Best Dog and Res BIS.
2. Beaufoy’s Wyrefare The Governor. Red dog who lives up to his name, he was in charge but well handled to maintain correct temperament and outlook, close decision but in final judgement preferred neck and body shape of 1, very well moved. Res Best Dog.
3. Summers’ Jewelstaff Kubia Khan.
OPEN DOG (8.3)
1. Wray & Hedges’ Ch Leger Carrion Showing. Fine example of the bred and one I have judged before and previously awarded BIS, balance and substance, clean cut, good shoulders, today he tended not to use his ears, which resulted in final decision, particularly pleasing movement, drive with economy of effort.
2. Karlsson’s Valglo Enzo of Jewelstaff. Foursquare and solid type, keen and aware of situation, broad skull, well defined stop, well muscled, little erratic in movement.
3. Byrnes’ Ir Ch Lackkyle Diabhal Dearbhchlo.
1. Rhodes’ Teracota The Heathen. 10 years old and credit to owner, in good condition and maintained level topline on the move. Best Veteran.
1. Hopkins’ Trufflestaff Hasina Bahiti. Pretty young girl with plenty of maturing to do, but could not deny overall pleasing type, feminine throughout, nice clean front, easy mover. Best Puppy.
2. Matthews & Jones’ Gallanstaff Pleasant Gift. More forward than 1, strong head with broad skull and strong muzzle and underjaw, longer cast, moved well.
3. Beaufoys’ Wyrefare The Heartbreaker.
1. Kent’s Domaine Julliete. Forward type of nice size and strong head, nicely profiled, good eye set.
2. Kimstaff Catatonic. Up on the leg and not as free in rear action as 1. 
1. Swift’s Leading Lady Rose. 
1. Byrnes’ Lackyle Realta Eiri. Nicely made and well balanced bitch, liked overall outline and general appearance, sound and true on the move.
2. Turner’s Trawden Snowball. White bitch with lots of good qualities to admire but not always helped by handler overstretching rear quarters which lost any bend of stifle and detracted from topline.
3. Motley & Clarkes’ Jucros Rescued Red.
1. T Hasina Bahiti.
2. Thorley & Powells’ Ruby Ophelia of Famas. Solid type, square and level but expression marred by throwing ears back.
1. Ruby Ophelia of Famas. 
1. Jones’ Lackyle Duilleog Daracha. Solidly made but in correct proportions, nicely developed head, well defined stop, good check muscles, well laid shoulders, good body.
2. Saunt’s Cragails Braw Hizzie. Not as matured and developed as 1, but good body, short coupled. 
 1. Jackson & Whitehouse’s Bourtie Wot a Steal JW. Quality bitch of feminine appearance and of pleasing type, nice head shape and size, good ear and eyes, very honest throughout, good shoulders and rear quarters, sound mover. Res Best Bitch.
2. Powell’s Ironbrays Angel of Faith. Very nice type and litter sister to dog winner, made in same mould and similar comments apply. 
1. Ferguson’s Ch Challimers Molly Malone. Not difficult to understand why title is in front of her name, quality bitch and improved loads since I last judged her, I think she is getting better with age, attractive appearance, well bodied with super level topline, balance and power, sound mover, Best Bitch and BIS.
2. Robinson & Hedges’ Leger Photo Finish for Ramblix. Nice type, good size, well developed head, strong short neck leading into well laid shoulders. 3. Lowe & Hedges’ Ramblix Revisionist at Khanspride JW. 
V.B (2)
1. Wakeman’s Jenstaff Tishian Dawn at Wakesatff. 8 years old, keen and still eager to go, not too much middle age spread, easy movement action.
2. Pritchard’s Brindle Bonnie of Anthian. 10 years old, both these veteran bitches were a credit to their owners, preferred freer movement and shape of 1.
Max King (Judge)