The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club
Open Show 10th July 2016

Judge: Miss Julie Joyce (JANJUJONS)

Firstly I would like to Thank the Officers & Committee for all the hard work they put in to producing such an amazing show. Special Thanks go to Joan & Fred Gadd for putting myself & Dad up overnight.
Also a huge THANK YOU to the members of the prestigious Club for allowing me the Honour of Judging my first Breed Club Show.
I truly had an amazing day & the support from Exhibitors & Spectators made for a fantastic atmosphere.
Lastly Thank you to my Ring Stewards Peter & Steve who did an outstanding job, making sure that things kept running smoothly.
Generally the quality of the Exhibits was great, just one or two a bit heavier than I like, but that is just my opinion. The one thing I found encouraging was the muscle tone & definition, Inner Thigh Muscle in particular was good in most & it certainly showed when they were on the move. Keep up the good work.
Veteran Dog (2 – 1 Abs)
1st Jackson’s – CH Stormbull So Wot JW
10 yrs B/B. What a lovely old boy & still in great shape for his age, good to see cheeky glint in his eyes too. Correct Rose Ears, nice Dark Round Eyes, Neck flows nicely into Well Placed Shoulders, good Muscle Tone & Definition in both Inner & Outer Thighs. Moved freely & held Topline whilst on the move.
Minor Puppy Dog (3 – 1 Abs)
1st Allsopp’s – Rubericla Trail Breaker
6mth B/B. Nice to see a Minor Puppy look like a Minor Puppy. Promising little guy with everything in all the right places. Nice neat ears, correct scissor bite, well placed shoulders, good bend of stifle. Muscle Tone/Definition not overdone which showed when he moved. Moved & Handled well.
2nd Thomas’s – Biggleswick Gods Me Judge
8mth D/B/W. Another nice baby with similar attributes to number one. Stood Four-Square showing a nice Spring of Rib & Short Coupling. Pushed hard for first, just preferred the movement of 1st.
Puppy Dog (5 – 0 Abs)
1st Kendall’s – Rossobull Diamond Geezer
11mth Red/White. Nice young lad with no exaggerations, nice Dark Eye, good Strong Head, Tight Lips & correct Bite, beautiful Facial Expression. Muscle Tone/Definition good, Strong Rear & moved well. Thoroughly deserved Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy In Show.
2nd A & J Turner’s – Quatros Ironclad Buddy
10mth B/White. Nice Dark Eye, Rose Ears, Lovely Expression. Good Spring of Rib with nice depth to Ribcage, Short Coupling & nice Level Topline. Muscle Tone/Definition good, just pipped to 1st place.
3rd Ferguson’s – Gusonstaff Lucky Luciano
Junior Dog (8 – 0 Abs)
1st Mayren’s – Bellarouge Adonis at Fergiestaffs
14mth Red/White. Caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring. Lovely Rose Ears, Dark Round Eyes, Strong Muzzle with nice Stop. Neck flow into shoulders spot on. Excellent Muscle Tone/Definition living up to his Adonis name. Moved with Power & Drive. A pleasure to give Reserve Best Dog & on my to watch list.
2nd Winwood & Tunnah’s – Nerotoro Dark Element
16mth B/B. Lovely Ears, strong Skull with good Stop, good level Topline which held on the move. Nice overall body shape with good bend at Stifle, nice tight feet too. Moved well with well muscled hindquarters.
3rd Lewis’s – Biggleswick Splash of Ginge
Yearling Dog (4 – 0 Abs)
1st Rowe & South’s – Illori Akinlana JW
23mth B/B/W. Lovely boy with everything where it should be. Neat Ears, Dark Eyes, Nice gleaming Coat, in overall great condition. Great Muscle Tone/Definition with nice strong hindquarters. Moved with purpose. Pushed hard for top honours.
2nd B Turner’s – Tidestaff Dark Wizard
19mth D/B. Ears ok, nice Strong Head with Dark Round Eyes, Nice Spring of Rib complemented by nice Depth of Brisket, ample bone all within proportion. Another in great condition with lovely Muscle Tone/Definition. Let down by movement on the day.
3rd P Clough’s – My Top Gun Maverick at Ingenio
Maiden Dog (5 – 0 Abs)
1st A & J Turner’s – Quatros Ironclad Buddy
2nd Thomas’s – Biggleswick Gods Me Judge
3rd Ogleby & Goosey – Dejablues Destiny’s Prince
Novice Dog (9 – 0 Abs)
1st Smith’s – Ramblestaff Racketeer
17mth B/B. Another in good condition, Neat Ears, Good Skull with nice Stop. Nice well sloped Neck, meeting with good Shoulder placement. Good Muscle Tone/Definition good movement, holding a nice Level Topline on the move.
2nd Kendall’s – Rossobull Diamond Geezer
3rd Brady’s – Foylegarth Hakuna Matata
Post Graduate Dog (6 – 0 Abs)
1st Rowe & South’s – Illori Akinlana
2nd Bowler’s – Kyraloebis the Bogus Man at Trelynbow
2yrs B/B. Lovely expression on this guys face. Nice strong Skull, neat Ears, good Stop, kept in good condition. Ample bone, good Spring of Rib, good bend at Stifle strong Pasterns, good Muscle Tone/Definition, moved with power & drive.
3rd Nock’s – Happy Daze
Limit Dog (4 – 1 Abs)
1st Grove’s – Manark Murphy’s Law
3yrs B/B/W. What a boy. Could not take my eyes off him. Great Expression complemented by neat Ears, Strong Skull, Dark Eyes, Superb Muscle Tone/Definition showing off a strong Neck flowing into the shoulders, good Spring of Rib, nice Strong Front standing Fore-Square. Had Ring Presence in abundance today. Best mover on the day for me too. A great pleasure giving this boy Best Dog & Best In Show. Definitely one to watch..
2nd Efreme’s – Ashbull O’Toole
4.5yrs M/B. Love the colouring of this one, good expression too. Nice neat Ears, lovely Scissor Bite, Strong Skull. Good width at front showing a good Depth of Brisket. Also in good condition. Ample bone & everything in proportion. Muscle Tone/Definition was good, movement not as good as 1st on the day.
3rd Heron’s – Manark Fast N Furious
Open Dog (4 – 1 Abs)
1st Ryan’s – CH Rubericla Black Starscream
4yrs B/B/W. Have enjoyed watching this boy grow. Lovely Strong Skull with everything in proportion, good clean Bite, ample Bone, good flow of Neck into Shoulders with a Level Topline. Stood Fore-Square showing good Depth of Brisket. Good bend at Stifle with great Muscle Tone/Definition. Moved & Handled well.
2nd Fullford’s – Elitebulls Heartbreaker at Regalbull JW ShCM
3.5yrs B/B. Another boy I have enjoyed watching. Such a charming Expression helped along the way by neat Ears, Dark Eyes, Strong Skull & Muzzle, Tight Lips & good Bite. Shown in great condition & his overall appearance is very pleasing. Lovely Muscle Tone/Definition producing good movement.
3rd Walker’s – Seenworstaff True Grit for Janikastco
Veteran Bitch (8 – 0 Abs)
1st Heron’s – Dilirystaff Diamond Girl
7.5yrs Red. Compact bitch & in good condition for her age. Nice head & ears, good dark eye, nice straight front, standing four-square. Well placed shoulders with good level topline. Good bend at Stifle with great muscle tone/definition. Moved effortlessly. Pleased to award her Best Veteran in Show.
2nd Funnel’s – CH Kewaunee Pocahontas for Powerpack JW
8.5yrs B/B. Lovely lady also in good condition for her age. Everything as with first place with great body shape which is very pleasing to the eye. Good muscle tone/definition enabling a free flowing movement. Just preferred movement of 1st on the day.
3rd Desmond’s – Princess Onyx at Elitebull
Minor Puppy Bitch (8 – 1 Abs)
1st Freeman & Davis’s – Antroboss She’s The One at Windstaff
8.5mths Red. Nice young bitch with a lot going for her. Excellent head & expression, good straight front with nice width & good depth of Brisket. Well boned, nothing overdone with this girl. Nice overall body shape, sufficient bend at Stifle. Good muscle tone/definition moved with ease.
2nd Funnel’s – Powerpack Cherokee
8.5mth, B/B/W. Another promising youngster. Neat & compact. Excellent Skull, dark eyes, deep stop, scissor bite. Straight front with good width showing a nice depth to Brisket. Nice level topline with muscle in all the right places. Pushed hard for top spot.
3rd Ford & William’s – Dajast Sweety With Jam’n Loz
Puppy Bitch (5 – 0 Abs)
1st Scotland’s – Callastaff Moon River
9.5mth B/B. Lovely youngster with quite a ring presence. Strong skull complemente with neat ears, dark eyes, correct bite. Neck flowing nicely into shoulders with a level topline. Great muscle tone & definition in this youngster with strong drive when on the move.
2nd Ferguson’s – Gusonstaffs Black Widow
9.4mth B/B. Slightly smaller in build than 1st, but still another nice bitch. Strong front with good width, nice depth to brisket. Well placed shoulders with everything in proportion. Moved & Handled well.
3rd Kendall’s – Rossobull Sea Diamond
Junior Bitch (11 – 3 Abs)
1st Lee’s – Leebee’s Precious
17mth White/Red. Another eye catching specimen of the breed. Strong head, correct scissor bite. Nice sloping neck into the shoulders, good spring of rib & good angulation of rear quarters, nice tight well padded feet. Great muscle tone/definition producing nice movement, held topline level whilst on the move. Res Best Bitch
2nd Winwood & Tunnah’s – Nerotoro Stella JW
16mth B/B/W. Lovely head shape with tight ears, dark eyes nice stop. Such a pretty little face. Lovely strong front with ample width showing a lovely depth to brisket. Muscles in all the right places, whilst remaining very feminine. Moved & handled well.
3rd McKimm’s – Biggleswick Fifty Fifty
Yearling Bitch (0)
Maiden Bitch (8 – 1 Abs – 1 W)
1st Butler’s – Joemikeste Play the Game
14mths B/B/W. Nice young girl, nice head with dark eyes & neat ears. Nice scissor bite with strong jaw. Neck flows well into shoulders. Nice spring of rib & short coupling. Good bend at stifle. Moved well.
2nd Harvey’s – Subaron Superlicious
11mths B/B. Slightly bigger in build to 1st but with all the same attributes. Good strong front with a nice depth in Brisket. Tight feet & shown up on the toes. Moved well.
3rd Ryan’s – Rubericla Little Elita One
Novice Bitch (10 – 1 W)
1st Butler’s – Joemikeste Play the Game
2nd Mear & Millgate’s – Millamear Out Out
2.5yrs B/B. Nice compact bitch oozing muscle. Shown in tip top condition. Nice strong kull, with all the correct attributes. Ample depth to brisket, making the overall outline very pleasing. Nice level topline which she held well whilst on the move. Pushed hard for this class.
3rd Funnel’s – Powerpack Cherokee
Post Graduate Bitch (8 – 1 Abs)
1st Lee’s – Leebee’s Precious
2nd Reaney’s – Rolenska Kisses of Fire
2yr B/B/W. Another cracker.. Lovely head with gorgeous expression. Neat ears, correct scissor bite. Brimming with muscle & in immaculate condition. Nothing overdone with this lady, what you see is what you get. Moved well.
3rd Heron’s – Stormfire Special Blend at Dilirystaff (Imp Esp)
Limit Bitch (4 – 1 Abs)
1st Molineux’s – Jefmor Winter Solstice at Druidhawk
2.5yrs B/B. Lovely little girl, strong skull with everything in the right places, correct bite & strong jaw. Neck flows well into shoulders. Lovely spring of rib & good depth to brisket. Lovely strong front & nice tight feet. Moved freely whilst maintaining topline.
2nd Raynsford & Stevens – Raynstaff Didja Ever
3.5yrs B/B/W. Bigger in build to first, Strong skull, neat ears, dark eyes, lovely straight front standing four-square. Tight feet, lovely body shape with great muscle tone/definition. Shown in tip top condition. Moved & handled well.
3rd Robinson, Robinson, Cox & Cox’s – Jefmor Fire & Ice of Hamason
Open Bitch (8 – 4 Abs)
1st Hedges – Arnhem Nice as Ninepence
2.5yrs Red. Oozed quality from the moment she entered the ring. Lovely head, dark eyes & very neat ears, correct scissor bite. Straight front with good width of chest showing nice depth to brisket. Stood four-square, neck flowed nicely into shoulders, loved her overall outline, nice bend at stifle with excellent muscle tone in both thighs. Moved with power & drive. Pushed hard for top honours today. Best Bitch, Best Opposite Sex & Res Best in Show.
2nd Norris’s – Dynastaff Indian Summer at Songarin
3.5yrs B/B/W. What can I say about this girl. Have admired her since she was a puppy. Did not disappoint either. Lovely head with correct scissor bite, nice dark eyes & neat ears. Lovely muscle tone/definition. Good strong front with nice depth to brisket, nice spring of rib. Good strong neck, flowing into well placed shoulders. Nice bend at stifle, strong pasterns. Only movement let her down today.
3rd Hammond’s – Hammystaff Heaven Knows